IBM Cloud Review
Updated April 07, 2020

IBM Cloud Review

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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

We used it to manage on premise workloads in an effort to migrate our core data center operations to the cloud in order to reduce data redundancy and increase workflow. Our core goal was to reduce data costs and enhance other operational errors we encountered with on premise issues, specifically server issues.
  • Easy on boarding and migration
  • Easy to access historical information
  • Excellent data analytics
  • Ability to integrate with other applications
  • Speed of use
  • Cross capabilities with internal systems
  • Costs too much to implement
  • Not worth the investment
  • Cumbersome in parts
It did not help us achieve our business objectives - in fact the opposite happened. We tried to implement it across the organization and due to the issues we faced we had to roll back to our current systems -- overall it was not a good use of time or energy and do not recommend.
We utilized our own teams to implement in order to save costs so we did not have experience with this facet of the implementation. However - we feel this is somewhat of a unique situation --- IBM consultants had detailed conversations with us beforehand to ensure this was the best route for us and were very helpful on that front
We searched for a few alternative providers like Nutanix - however, we decided to go with IBM for their brand name and ease of implementation - however, this was a mistake and we ended up not using the product for a very long time due to operational inefficiencies it caused the organization.
We have integrated IBM Cloud for Vmware with our own internal systems - we feel this is somewhat of a unique implementation - however, given our technology team and infrastructure we felt this was the way to go. This allowed us to reduce costs while still utilizing the full IBM functionality
Bloomberg Law, Nutanix AOS, Cisco 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers (ASR 1000)
It was well suited for our more recent databases/applications. It ran into issues with more legacy products where the integration was harder to achieve and needed more custom work around integration. However, this was not very hard to achieve and well worth the time and effort relative to the value proposition provided by the product

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Feature Ratings

Virtual machine automated provisioning
Management console
Live virtual machine backup
Live virtual machine migration
Hypervisor-level security

IBM Cloud Support and Implementation

We were overall very happy with the IBM Cloud implementation. It was both quick and painless from an implementation perspective. Timing wise it took about what we expected - we probably could have expedited the process if we used their teams entirely - but since we integrated our own team it took slightly longer
We used them primarily on the consulting side vs full implementation. In order to cut down on the expense side of the equation we utilized our own teams skills and resources to do a lot of the heavy lifting. When we had questions, concerns or issues we reached out and they were very helpful
Basic (free) - We have a very competent internal technology team with great familiarity with the product. Since they know the product very well we felt it was not necessary to engage a higher tier of service from IBM than the most basis in order to minimize our costs associated with the project on an ongoing basis
We ran into a few issues internally since we decided to do the vast majority of the implementation on our own. When we had connectivity issues as it relates to our internal systems they were able to troubleshoot our issues for us via video chat very quickly and fix our issue
Do not use any of the above
While we do not fully utilize their customer support services on the most expensive paid tier. We have had absolutely no issue whatsoever from both the developer community and most importantly we find the self guided support very user friendly and has the ability to solve 90% of our problems very easily

Using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

5 - We have five primary users of the IBM Cloud in our organization. Three of them are on the IT / support side that support our developers and data analysts that use the compute in order to analyze our historical data / models and make real time business decisions using our database
3 - Three IT support professionals support us on this product. They all have extensive prior experience with IBM and VMware products - so this makes the task fairly easy - we have had no major issues with the product that would require a larger team or larger resource allocation than we currently have
  • Historical database management
  • Model support
  • Data analytics
  • Integrating multiple models on the platform
  • Merging massive historical databases
  • Predictive analytics / machine learning
  • Incremental machine learning models
  • Additional database / data set integration
We are highly likely to renew this product as it has quickly very integral across our organization and is useful in almost all of our core data analytics and business processes. We have to ensure the cost side is manageable and still worth it upon renewal - but don't see this as a major hurdle

Evaluating IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
We faced a build or buy decision when we decided to integrate this product into our organization. We looked at the annual costs to support this product vs the incremental cost of hiring more developers and IT support and it made this decision fairly easy for us - we view this as a great cost saving tool
We are very happy with our decision and would not go about it differently if we had to do it again - the product represents a compelling value proposition and we would use the same criteria again and come to the same decision a second time around

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Reliability

The product is highly scalable - our primary concern upon implementation was this very issue. We found it integrates with our own internal systems in a very seamless manner - have had absolutely no issues on this front
We view IBM as one of the most reliable vendors we have dealt with from an availability perspective. No issue whatsoever in terms of getting answers and solutions in a timely manner when we need them.
We use this product both on a stand alone basis and have also integrated it with various internal systems. We have not experienced any delay / issues when using the product in either instance - excellent and consistent performer across the board