Digital Analytics at the heart of your business
May 15, 2014

Digital Analytics at the heart of your business

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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is primarily used by our eCommerce team to analyze the performance of our eCommerce sites. We use DA to report on basic performance KPI's right through to advance consumer and channel attribution reports. DA feeds into our overall "data pot" and the quantitative and qualitative data that is produced is circulated throughout the business.
  • Channel attribution - for any business ROI is of paramount importance, but what we really want to know is how best to attribute the ROI. DA allows us to accurately attribute the ROI on a granular level. This then allows us to work closely with our digital marketing agencies to drive greater performance.
  • Keyword analysis - One of our primary marketing channels is PPC. DA allows us to delve down into the performance of our PPC at keyword level which again helps validate our marketing strategy.
  • Insights - Insights is a useful tool that allows any user to quickly understand what key areas (marketing / product / page) are working well or more importantly not so well. The insight data is backed up with some rationale behind the reason which can be quickly actioned by the relevant team.
  • The weekly Action Ready Reports are very useful in terms of KPI data. The reports are aesthetically pleasing and help facilitate our weekly eCommerce team meetings as most key areas are covered in this report.
  • Custom reports are often too slow when running. Default data reports run quickly but any report that is done using a custom date range is too slow. G.A doesn't have the same problems
  • Dashboards need to be more flexible. I'd like to make more use of the dashboards but they are quite restrictive in the number of options that can be included. All relevant data widgets should be incorporated into D.A. G.A allows custom dashboards to a much greater level than D.A
  • Segments - are a very useful tool which allows you to mine further in your data. However, they are too restrictive. Persistent segments can only be run for 93 days and one time segments can only be ran for 35 days. Both options limit you from getting a real accurate picture over time of your segments. Why can’t this be opened up to 365 days?
  • We have significantly improved our ROI from PPC by analysing data at keyword level. In addition, by allowing our PPC agency to access this data it's improved our we have worked together too
  • Site bounce rate has been improved by us analysing in detail the pages and traffic sources which were driving up the bounce rate. Changes were visible within days
  • Onsite search now converts at 13% since we have been using the D.A data to drive this area (previously this was 9%). Weekly action is undertaken to enhance on site search and alert triggers are set to ensure we aren’t missing key words
  • Google Analytics,Adobe Analytics
I would put DA above both GA and AA because of the overall package. Google is great because it's free but it doesn’t quite get to the level I want. I found the UX on Adobe frustrating and lacking a user friendly outlook. For me the biggest selling point of DA is the integration into the EMM suite. IBM has really captured the market in putting together a marketing package and putting data at the heart of this.
With DA being part of the IBM portfolio you know it will benefit from the size and scale of what IBM has to offer. Whether it be acquisitions or the product roadmap you know IBM will want to ensure that DA is right at the top of the market.
If the organization is looking for a basic analytics tool, then I would recommend GA. If the organization is considering making data the heart of their business then I would recommend DA because it can be that tool which helps drive important decisions through the power of the outputs it can provide. As DA is part of the EMM suite the options of enriching analytical data alongside product recommendations and onsite personalization is a very powerful tool which should also be considered.