Infosec Skills Review

Overall Satisfaction with Infosec Skills

This has been utilized to bridge the skills gap across our cyber team and to aid them as they prepare for their various certifications. It also has provided a nice learning foundation for our various cyber team members to utilize as we continue to find ways for cross-utilization with operations while minimizing the downtime needed to ensure everyone’s knowledge is the same.
  • Sets a solid learning foundation
  • Helps with verification preparation
  • Can be easily implemented in any learning plans
  • Some content was dated
  • Some videos seemed to cover some content really quick
  • Consider adding in some other trainings
  • Helped me further prepare for cerificstions
  • Helped me achieve my CAP certification
  • Has helped a few of my subordinates with getting certifications
Infused institute bootcamp was solely focused on CISSP whereas Skills is diverse across the certification and training spectrum. Furthermore, it can be easily utilized at a pace that suits the end-user. Boot camps are great as a prep story course but can be too intensive for some people. Infosec Skills is easy to use and covers a lot of potential training avenues
Of course. In our organization finding areas to incorporate business and industry best and good practices is important as cyber continues to evolve and new cyber trends emerge. Cybersecurity is at the core of everything we do and when coupled with other aspects of IT and security it balances out all areas vital to support business strategies.
Projects give people opportunities to build their skills sets and learn new skills that were once not in their tool kit. This further aids for when they move towards more advanced certifications especially when project and program management principles and practices are cornerstones for so many different trainings and certifications around the world.
To me it was extremely simple to utilize and keep track of progress. Another fantastic feature was the certification prep exams that most of the trainings had incorporated into the tools. As I studied I found it extremely user friendly as I went video to video and flowing around each of the sections
This is a solid training tool that can be easily implemented in almost anyone’s training and development plans. This is especially true in the cyber realm and where members are actively pursuing version certifications. I would highly encourage any manager or organization as a whole to consider adopting this tool.