Playbooks Biggest Fan
Micaela Carney | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 13, 2019

Playbooks Biggest Fan

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Overall Satisfaction with Predictive Playbooks

Playbooks is being used as an everyday tool to help organize my prospecting accounts and as a dialer. It tracks which 'step' I am at with all of my accounts as well as helping me stay organized. It's being used throughout the sales department. It took the confusion and guessing game out of my day. I work more efficiently and am better at time management. I know exactly what I need to do throughout the day. It also helped me keep my accounts organized. Previously, when manually entering tasks, I would occasionally forget to. I would then forget about that account and a lot were slipping through the cracks. It's impossible for accounts to get lost now.
  • Filter my accounts - I love the filter feature. Being able to sort by step, time zone, segmentation, etc. It makes it very easy to call similar accounts all in a row.
  • One stop shop - I love that all of my prospecting accounts and their progress is all clear and concise. Aside from additional appointments I have, all my accounts are organized for me.
  • Dialing - Dialing has been very seamless for me and I have not had any issues.
  • Pausing accounts - I love that I am able to pause accounts. Very awesome feature for when I was on vacation/my merchants are.
  • Syncing time - it sometimes takes a while for information I add into Salesforce to sync. Specifically emails, when I get a new email on the phone and want to email right away, it is annoying to have to wait. Adding an "add email" feature in the task itself would be nice.
  • Emails - I wish we could 'favorite' certain templates, making them easier to pick out right away. I also wish we could unsend messages like Gmail. If I make a mistake it stinks I can't bring it back really quick.
  • I almost wish it could sort all of my acounts, prospecting and accounts further in my pipeline.
  • Efficiency for sure, personally I know my touches per day have gone up.
  • Productivity - I am making meaningful touches with purpose behind them.
Very helpful, vetting accounts takes the longest and anything that can help cut that time down or suggest who to call over who would be amazing. It's also a lot of trial and error as far as what time to call certain accounts/PDSs. I mostly have been operating off of segmentation so anything would be nice.
It allows me to be more credible and knowledgeable. Having that information right at my fingertips always me to have quality conversations with merchants while also helping me be more confident. The more information I have on who I am speaking with, the better I feel the conversation goes.
I love the tool honestly. I fully committed to using it day 1 and have had no issues. It was super easy to download and is incredibly user-friendly. I am able to do everything and more than I was doing before and now I am able to do it even quicker.
I have only ever user Salesforce prior to this, so I can't really compare it to much. But so far, I absolutely love it.
I think it works great for my prospecting accounts. Because I have so many, it is hard to be on top of all of them without letting anything slip by. I like that everything is organized in a clear way so that when I come in in the morning, I know exactly how many things I need to do.