Jama Connect Review
May 23, 2021

Jama Connect Review

Suhas Kashyap RR | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Jama Connect

Jama Connect is a project management tool and we are using it in our team. From the Design specifications / Requirements till the Test case reviews, for everything we are using it. Different teams in our organization are using it based on the customer requirement.
Since Jama can be used as a complete project management tool, complete details of a product /project can be tracked in one place easily.
  • Mapping Requirements, Test runs with Test cases along with Version history
  • Synchronizing Test cases across multiple projects
  • Test case reviews
  • Very flexible as per the process
  • Nice tool for collaborating with external partners
  • Would have been better if the Jama Connect reviews had an option to attach documents.
  • Complete support for Keyboard shortcuts not available.
  • Initial setup of Jama is [a] bit cumbersome, as it's not easy to be hosted on premises and requires linux and docker technology skills to install it easily.
  • The process of exporting Test case to Word documents is not very user friendly for complicated Test case.
  • Jama Connect is good and nice tool for fetching complete details about the Project in one place and thus helps users to improve productivity.
  • Team collaboration are good.
  • Traceability matrix is very nice where we can map / relate from design spec level till the defects logged.
  • Integration / collaboration with other applications, where if defect logged in Jira is updated, then it gets reflected in Jama.
  • If requirements / Test cases are more, then performance decreases.
  • All features are not completely documented.
The expectation was to use a simple, easy to understand Project management tool where complete details of the project is available at one place easily and this was achieved by using Jama Connect tool. Though there was some initial problems, it was later resolved and now everything is in good place. The navigations, different links, UI is easily understandable. Anyone can get to know complete details of a project by accessing this tool easily.
Compared to other project management tools, Jama Connect is nice, easy to understand. The UI / navigation is easy to understand and it's not complex. From the design specification level till the defect is logged can be mapped easily with few clicks and complete history of test case or requirements can be tracked easily by using Version History. The integration with other applications like Jira has helped the users in improving the productivity.
Compared to other project management tools, Jama Connect is very easy to use and its user friendly. The design specifications, Requirements, Test cases, Data sets, Test executions and Defects everything can be tracked easily from one application. Also, Jama can be customized as per the user need, so that the information which is required for the customer can be displayed accordingly.
Jama Connect is well suited for an organization where it's required to include everything (required for a project / product) in one tool, i.e, from design specification till Test case reviews and defects as well. We can map the Design specifications with requirements (System / Software) and then with Test cases and we can track different changes done using Version history. Also we can link Test executions with test cases and also can keep track of different Reviews (Requirement/Test cases) and finally can link the defects logged in Jira with Jama as well.
If the organization is small / if the product /project is small & can be tracked easily, then Jama is not the better tool. Also, if we would like to automate any process /flow in Jama, then its bit difficult to develop the scripts and get the complete support for the same.