Feature packed, super affordable video interviews.
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December 22, 2018

Feature packed, super affordable video interviews.

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Overall Satisfaction with Jobma

We use this for both live video calls and one-sided video interviews. For live video calls its really nice since the people that we are inviting to the video calls do not need to install any software or sign up for an account. They just get an email with the date and time and a link where they can join. It works right out of the browser. We also use this for one-sided video interviews and tests. It's really easy to set up a 10-15 minute interview with questions that the user has to record a video answer to and then we get the videos they record to review.

Its helped us in multiple ways. Video calls let us get around problems we had with trying to get the candidates to come in person for a chat if they lived out of state. Having one-sided video interviews let us screen candidates better. Its easier to find a more suited candidate if you can watch a video of them and then move them forward with the process rather than relying on just a resume or a phone call.
  • Needs no additional items to install. Works right out of the browser.
  • Candidates don't have to sign up for an account to use it.
  • It's really well priced.
  • Can share videos with whoever you want to.
  • Nice scheduling features.
  • Can add other people from your team as user seats. Nice to be able to have everyone work on it.
  • We had some issues getting it to work on mobile.
  • Improved our ability to find the right candidates.
  • Improved satisfaction of applicants with our interview process.
  • Allowed us to work better as a team.
Depends on what you need really. If you want a no-frills simple to use software, you can't go wrong with it. It also can't be beaten on pricing. If you need more functionality (ATS like) then you may want to spend a little more and look at alternatives.
It's really well suited if you hire candidates or talk to applicants that might not be available due to geographic or time constraints. Also nice to have if you have a big team since they let you add as many users as you want.