Great system for tracking candidate funnel.
October 19, 2012

Great system for tracking candidate funnel.

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Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Been happy with the implementation and what it’s been able to do for us.
  • Fairly easy to implement.
  • They were easy to work with.
  • The workflow was good. Good UI.
  • More relevant than some of the older systems.
  • Social media features – though I have not seen a change in percentage of referrals as a result.
  • It doesn’t filter very well. It gives rating on how well an applicant fits job spec, but didn’t filter in very intelligent way. It's mostly on location and pay requirement, but not on really important stuff like have they done this job before. It's not very smart. Maybe based upon how we set it up.
  • Being able to report on the volume of candidates to hiring managers
  • To be able to track the funnel and identify if we don’t have enough candidate pool - before when we were on email, it was impossible to track.
  • Easier to collate feedback on candidates – however the system didn’t help direct the strategy for the interview – who is accountable for what information/ facets of an interview.
If my primary administator says let’s renew, then I would do so.
At the end, feature set and usability drove our decision. They were cutting edge at the time and very interested in what people wanted.

Product Usage

200 - Anyone who is on an interview team or a hiring manager – that means at least half the company.
No real administration required, although we have not implemented everything we could yet.
  • Applicant tracking/processing: You can post jobs. It look like they are on our site, but it's actually on a Jobvite site. An applicant fills out application online, attaches their resume, and the system pings the hiring manager (depending on how you've set up the workflow); the hiring manager or HR person reviews candidates. They can eliminate them and send them no-thanks message. If an HR person sees someone who really needs to be looked at, they can direct hiring manager to review. You can really see what’s happening with each candidate.
  • Has social media features to help source prospective candidates. It really leverages LinkedIn a lot.
  • JobVite have a background check and that information should flow into your HRIS system ideally. Today, it’s manually re-keyed - not because it couldn’t be integrated, but we were unhappy with our HRIS system and so wanted to hold-off on integration.

Evaluation and Selection

We did not have an applicant tracking system before.


It forces you to evaluate your own business process.

The software lets you re-engineer things.
  • Implemented in-house
By a person in HR (no IT involvement)


The whole system was pretty easy to use without training.


I haven’t used support, however, my overall impression from my team is that it’s pretty good. Our general impression that JobVite is easy to work with.


It’s easy to figure out.


I don't recall it being down.


  • Our HRIS - but we are unhappy with our current HRIS so have held off.

Vendor Relationship

My team says they are easy to deal with.