Effectiveness in recruiting and managing candidates.
May 14, 2021

Effectiveness in recruiting and managing candidates.

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Overall Satisfaction with LinkedIn Jobs

Currently, LinkedIn Jobs is being used in all sectors of our real estate company, so that we can achieve a good quality of employees for all sectors and to know what type of candidates are applying to open jobs in each sector. In my Marketing sector, LinkedIn Jobs is being used mainly by me, because I am the Director and I am interested in knowing what type of people enter my sector, in order to know the qualities that each employee has and know what type of benefits it can bring me. This platform has been a fantastic implementation for us, as I have been able to automate the lead sourcing process. The job posting capabilities have had great benefits and have allowed me to find candidates from different locations and with varying qualities. LinkedIn Jobs has been fantastic software, I have been able to be more effective in hiring new employees for my Marketing sector, I have been able to create interviews for each of the eligible candidates and I have also been able to follow up with the candidates thanks to the excellent system of direct messaging that you own.
  • The job offers board is one of the things that stands out most positively on LinkedIn Jobs, since I can know all the job offers that are open for all sectors of my company and I can also see the candidates that are in each offer of employment.
  • Interview scheduling is one of the best features of LinkedIn Jobs. It allows you to schedule exact time and exact day for face-to-face meetings in order to carry out a more consolidated interview, in addition, it sends notifications to the candidate so that they can appear for the interview at the right time.
  • I can have access to the CV of each candidate. LinkedIn Jobs offers me a very detailed CV of each of the candidates and this allows me to quickly know the qualities that each candidate has.
  • I can handle job applications much better. It was a very tedious job when we did this manually and we did a lot of paperwork to organize the received requests. LinkedIn Jobs has made that manual work is avoided, thanks to the automated system to organize the requests.
  • LinkedIn Jobs allows me to advertise about the job offer that I have posted, however, advertising is one of the things that I do not like about this service because the advertising is not shown to a specific audience and qualified for the job offer. Advertising is seen by many people randomly and this causes you to receive candidates who do not qualify for the job offer because they do not have a suitable CV.
  • Direct messaging is one of the most outstanding, because I can come into direct contact with the candidates to be able to carry out hiring planning and a more in-depth knowledge of the quality of the candidate.
  • LinkedIn Jobs notifications are very comprehensive, as I receive notifications on my email, cell phone, and on my computer. This makes it possible for you to be on the lookout for new hiring requests.
  • Automated organization for received requests. I don't have to spend long hours managing candidate applications.
  • Saving time when hiring new employees. We do not have to do a long paperwork to hire a person.
  • Better quality of employees for the various sectors of my company. We have hired more qualified people to be able to complete the various tasks within our Marketing sector.
  • Better positioning of our job offers, thanks to the advertising system.
ZipRecruiter is a good comparison, it is software that is really trained and offers very good features for effective hiring, however, one of the reasons why we chose LinkedIn Jobs is because it allows us to track and save requests of the candidates to be able to review them in detail, while ZipRecruiter does not allow saving applications to be able to view them in detail. ZipRecruiter allows accepting or rejecting requests, it does not allow saving them. If I have been interested in a request from a candidate in ZipRecruiter, but I want to view it later, I cannot do it since I do not have that function.

Also, another reason why we chose LinkedIn Jobs is because of the positioning system. The advertising system has provided notable results, we have reached the receptivity of greater requests from candidates (despite the fact that on some occasions we receive requests from people who are not trained for the job or who do not meet the required skills) while In ZipRecruiter there is no such positioning, there are no payment options that increase the positioning of the job offer.

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LinkedIn Jobs is the perfect platform for those companies that are looking for a hiring mechanism that is much more effective and saves them time. It is a service that works within a social network, however, this makes the effectiveness much greater since job offers can be directly accessible to a large group of people. Its ability to organize candidates in an automated way is incredible, this service organizes candidates by placement, endorsements and quality of skills. In addition, LinkedIn Jobs has a very attractive administrative dashboard, where you can have total control of the job offers open for the company, and which candidates have been received. It is an excellent option to carry out a quality hiring, where you can learn more about the candidate and know what benefits they can bring.