Logic Pro X Review

Overall Satisfaction with Logic Pro X

I use Logic Pro X nearly every day in my company as our main audio content editing tool. It allows us to quickly add professional quality audio to our videos in a streamlined way that doesn't take a lot of time or bandwidth. It's cool, because it's such a powerful tool that we can use it to make super simple videos that sound great. Sometimes I'll even edit them myself. But also, it gives our audio/video team everything they need in order to create super sleek and professional quality videos that stand out in the marketplace and are valuable for my brand.
  • Fixing audio that clips.
  • Compression.
  • Clipping and editing out audio mistakes.
  • Mixing levels of different audio channels.
  • The interface is confusing for beginners.
  • Too much reliance on the "help" bar.
  • Apple's "Genius" support is often anything but, and you're better off on Youtube. Annoying if you've paid extra for the support.
  • Video content (using audio mixed in Final Cut) makes me a ton of money so the ROI on FCPX has been excellent.
  • One problem is that while exports are rendering my computer fan goes crazy so I can't create new content while it's rendering.
  • It's saved me a lot of time once I mastered my workflow.
  • It's also saved my company money because I don't have to outsource every video or audio correction project to an expensive editor and can save my budget for the "big stuff".
iMovie is a cool way to get started editing audio and videos and it's better than nothing. But it definitely lacks some important functionality and doesn't have the power required to really edit and produce some serious marketing videos. On the other hand, I've heard great things about Adobe Premier and know a lot of people who swear by it. But I don't like how it's only available as a monthly subscription. It's just another little cost and small, sneaky bill that comes in to slip away with some of my profits each month. I'd rather be able to buy it once and be done with it, and optionally pay for upgrades as I go. Audacity is great, but doesn't have all the features of FCPX to produce professional quality audio.

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Logic Pro X is used in my company mainly by the AV team. In my past life, I used it to produce records for bands I was in. For the last 2-3 years, I've used it almost exclusively to improve the audio in my company's marketing videos. It's good for all levels of videographers from total newb to professional. If you are brand new to mixing audio and video it's probably a bit overkill to use Logic Pro X, and might not be worth the money. But I bought it before I needed it so that if and when I was ready to really up my video game, it wouldn't require an update in software. It's not that expensive at only $299, so it wasn't a huge deal to invest in it before I was ready. But if you're looking to add a super solid tool to your AV production team, or if you do video editing yourself and are looking for more power than iMovie or Audacity or QuickTime provides, I recommend making the leap to Final Cut Pro X.

Using Logic Pro X

1 - The AV editing team is the primary user of Final Cut Pro X in my company. They are a subset of the marketing and advertising division of the company.
1 - My AV team is one person currently, so they're in charge of making sure the video content I get to them is mixed properly and sounds super professional and polished.
  • Compressing audio.
  • Mixing multiple audio tracks in a video.
  • Clipping mistakes out of the audio.
  • We export the audio from our videos with a different intro as a podcast.
  • I'm able to combine my passions of music and marketing in one tool to make unique videos.
  • We clean up audio before sending it to be transcribed to improve the quality of the text transcriptions.
  • Scaling AV production.
  • Increasing the locations we can film at knowing we can improve in post production.
  • Add more original music to our videos.
I've figured out a basic workflow that allows me to do what I need to do with Logic Pro X without involving an AV engineer. And it also provides the AV team with enough power and customization to create whatever they desire.

Evaluating Logic Pro X and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
At the time I purchased Final Cut Pro X I needed a professional solution that allowed me to record the band I was in at the time. I already used MAC so I figured it was the best tool for the job, and haven't been disappointed in my decision.
I'm not sure a free trial was available at the time of purchase, but I would get a free trial to experiment with this software and compare it to free solutions like Audacity, and also compare it to Pro Tools to figure out what does best. And what would allow me to do everything I need it to without having to upgrade in the future.