Immediate effectiveness and real-time monitoring of campaigns.
March 21, 2021

Immediate effectiveness and real-time monitoring of campaigns.

Carmen Rodriguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is used in our company as the main platform to create, administer and manage all kinds of advertising campaigns. This platform is impressive, since it has a quite comfortable campaign creation and you can also manage several campaigns at the same time thanks to the comprehensive panel that it offers, a panel where you can view the progress of each of the campaigns in real time and what traffic each of those campaigns is generating. MailChimp has been a key platform for the advancement of our company in the sales and advertising sector, because it has allowed us to send campaigns more easily and has also helped us to offer a more optimized design in the campaigns we send to our customers. We are grateful for the services that MailChimp has provided us and for the ability it has had to help us manage all types of campaigns in a simple way.
  • One of the things that I love about MailChimp is the wide variety of templates that it offers me to apply to each of the campaigns that I am building. MailChimp offers me templates with an excellent design, with very good colors and that allow me to obtain a better organization of the information that each campaign will have.
  • I love the way MailChimp allows me to monitor and evaluate the impact of each campaign we've sent. For us, it is too important to be attentive to the progress of each campaign, since this way we will know the access that customers have had to that campaign. MailChimp allows us to have real-time monitoring and also allows us to view the client's access to the campaign in detail.
  • It has excellent integration with the Facebook and Twitter service, which has helped us a lot, since on some occasions we carry out campaigns for a general public and not for specific clients, and this fantastic integration has allowed us to quickly disseminate those campaigns with all the public that follows our social networks.
  • One of the negative reviews that I must mention about MailChimp is the fact that the free trial it offers is quite limited. Currently this free trial does not allow users to create follow-up messages to contacts, this means that it is impossible for automated messages to be created that work through the actions of each client. I would like this free trial to be more complete and allow that function to be performed, as this would capture the attention of new users and allow them to fully test the platform.
  • On some occasions we have had problems with MailChimp's anti-spam system. When we send public campaigns through our social networks, sometimes we receive false accesses to our campaigns by bots or malicious people, which directly affects the impact or traffic that we can collect in a campaign. I wish I could have a better anti-spam system to protect me from this.
  • One of the main objectives that has helped us to achieve this platform is that it has allowed us to progressively improve the number of clients who access our campaigns. Previously, only a small percentage of customers accessed our campaigns, however, after improving the design of the campaigns thanks to MailChimp, we managed to obtain better results and many more customers have accessed the campaigns that we send to their emails.
  • Being an automated software, it has allowed us to obtain results without the need to carry out any manual study on each advertising campaign. MailChimp has saved us that manual work, and we get all the results in real time from each campaign we send to clients.
  • It has allowed us to improve the expansion of advertising in our company. Thanks to its excellent integration system with various social media services, we have managed to send our campaigns to more people around the world.
Both platforms have excellent work methodology which facilitates the creation and management of short and long term campaigns, from 1 to 5, I give a 4.5 to both platforms. Constant Contact also has a totally easy campaign creation, I even consider that the creation of campaigns in Constant Contact is much better than MailChimp, since the creator is much more fluid. However, the reason why I chose MailChimp is because this platform has the ability to provide me with real-time monitoring of the progress I have in each campaign, compared to Constant Contact, which takes longer to collect the data obtained in each campaign.
I have had an overall pleasant experience with MailChimp help and all the services it has provided. It is great to be able to organize and manage various campaigns with the support of all my colleagues, since currently this platform allows my colleagues to also manage the advertising campaigns that are in progress. I am very happy to be using this great platform for managing advertising campaigns, its UI is quite fluid and I have the ability to see the progress of all my campaigns from the same section in the MailChimp panel.
Our company has benefited greatly from this great all-in-one platform, as we have been able to greatly expand our advertising system, and we have also gained the ability to reach more people. MailChimp offers us the ability to create all kinds of ads, send them to social networks, create postcards and much more from one place. MailChimp has not only allowed us to manage the advertising campaigns of our company, but it has also allowed us to have a broad visualization of the advertising progress we are having, with MailChimp we have been able to see how everything takes shape, the trend that our marketing sector is taking and much more.
One of the lessons I have learned with MailChimp is that nowadays you don't have to do so much manual work to get a system that works properly and that allows you to expand advertising on a large scale. Also, another of the lessons I have learned is that if we work as a team and manage the campaigns as a group, we will achieve better results and obtain more progress in our campaigns in less time. Previously, we did not manage the campaigns as a group, which caused us a delay in obtaining effective results in our campaigns. MaiChimp undoubtedly improved our advertising activity.
I would definitely recommend MailChimp to anyone considering implementing it in their business. This software is the appropriate one to have a general control of all the advertising campaigns that are in progress, in addition, it allows to see detailed information about each campaign, such as: how many clients have accessed, how many clients have not accessed, how many clients have received it And many other things. Despite the fact that MailChimp has a slightly poorly optimized anti-spam system, I think it is a platform that can be used to the maximum and great things can be achieved which help to send campaigns progressively to customers. With MailChimp, campaign creation is very simple as it has a "drag and drop" campaign creator which allows you to add information with just one click.

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