Issue with lack of reporting from Sales Insight
December 21, 2012

Issue with lack of reporting from Sales Insight

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Software Version

Small and Medium Business

Modules Used

  • Marketo Lead Management
  • Marketo Sales Insight

Overall Satisfaction

  • It takes a while to get started with Marketo. You get whatever you put into it. If you take the time to implement all webforms on the website, this increases efficiency dramatically. If leads are already in our system, information populates automatically which yields a higher click through rate.
  • Helps us with data hygine. Before we used to load everything to SF - there was lots of de-duping. Now we put it into Makreto and it merges and de-dupes automatically.
  • We generate templates for sales to use. Sales can look at clicks and opens - they have more insight into their prospect actions.
  • One major issue is the lack of reporting from Sales Insight. Per lead, you can see clicks and opens, but I can't get an aggregate report. We have an extensive library of email templates and I cannot tell the sales team which emails are performing better than others. I have no insight into the performance of Sales Insight.
  • This is apparently being addressed. Marketo is generally good about responding to feature requests in the community. Members can vote on requests to help them prioritize. I added my thoughts on this reporting issue to an existing thread. But I could also see that request was made in 2010 and the functionality is still not there. They say that it is being implemented next year.
  • Increases inefficiency for both sales and marketing processes by 60%.
We actually just renewed. Marketo takes a while to get going. It took us a year to implement our web forms. We had to write some custom java script to get forms working how we wanted, etc. The sunk cost is considerable. We have invested a lot of time and money...too much to consider switching to another platform.

Product Usage

56 - 3 super users - Marketing
3 designers - upload landing pages / e-mails - Marketing
Sales team - 50 users of Sales Insight module
1 - I am the internal support person.
  • Marketing and Sales. Sales team are heavy users of Sales Insight and they like it a lot since it gives them insight into the actions taken by their individual prospects: which emails they have read and what links they have clicked.
  • The marketing team uses the core product for lead scoring, nurturing, web forms, etc.
  • All inbound leads come into Maketo, and are cleaned, segmented and then pushed into SFDC.

Evaluation and Selection

We looked at Pardot and Eloqua.

Ultimately, we chose Marketo because it's easier to use and is also a newer, more modern platform. We did not talk to any vendor supplied references, but I did talk to users of the product and everyone I spoke to recommended Marketo. Eloqua just seemed clunky and a bit archaic. The Marketo platform seemed a lot more flexible and easier to iterate with new functionality.


Pedowitz helped us with Smart List and getting set up:

They ensured that integration with Salesforce was seamless.
They ran test campaigns with us to make sure that everything was working correctly.
They also helped us design email and landing pages and build a workflow with triggers.

We integrated the web forms, lead scoring...we were on out own for this.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Professional services company
Pedowitz Group.


There used to be very structured online training by topic which took place over a number of days via a live webinar. This has changed and now the training is all pre-recorded, but it's of pretty high quality.

Our deployment partner (Pedowitz Group) also scheduled 1:1 calls to help us get set up.


We pushed the boundaries of the system and wrote a fair amount of ustom code to make the system behave exactly as we wanted. For example, we built a fairly custom workflow with multiple triggers, We also wrote custom code to translate ZIP codes into the write city and state.


I can call an 800 number and get an immediate answer. I don't need to open a ticket and wait a day to get an answer. I really like the fact that it's so easy to talk to a live human being. This is a great asset!


Things are a little backwards. I would expect to build the workflow first and then insert assets like landing pages, email templates, and then other assets. It works the opposite way around: Build asserts first and then you build your flow, i.e. Target these people / send this email. The fact that everything is in different tabs doesn't help and the process is not very intuitive.

It would be easier to use if the design was more visual. For example, design a flow chart using a visual design tool, and then insert an email at one point and a landing page at another.


There are bugs that affect performance, but they usually get resolved quickly.


  • Integrated with Salesforce
This is an out-of-the-box integration and works well.
  • No. In general, because Marketo talks to Salesforce and Salesforce talks to other platforms, we use SF as the integration hub. For example, Salesforce uses Confirmit for a benchmarking survey. We hired the same company to do the same thing, and the survey automatically updates SF records. Marketo pulls that information from Salesforce into the Marketo platform for lead scoring etc. SF is the hub.

Vendor Relationship

Pretty easy . If they don't have a solution to an issue, they try to suggest a workaround which I appreciate. Sometimes they cannot help and they post the issue to the community which sometimes produces results and sometimes not.

Overall we are pretty happy. Each iteration of the product brings drastic improvements.