Why Marketo is What You Need
Updated December 06, 2019

Why Marketo is What You Need

Amanda Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Marketo Lead Management
  • Marketo Sales Insight
  • Marketo Social Marketing
  • Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Marketo Real-Time Analytics

Overall Satisfaction with Marketo

Marketo is used as our marketing automation tool. We use Marketo for email campaigns, lead scoring, to measure content success, and more! Marketo allows our business to measure the coordination between sales and marketing. For example, we're able to see that we've provided over $6.3 million in created opportunities this year.
  • Marketo is easy to use.
  • Marketo grows with your business. The more you need from marketing automation, the more benefits you find within Marketo.
  • Marketo comes with a community to help you get the most out of your marketing automation system.
  • The ability to combine/join reports.
  • Auto archive campaigns that haven't been used in 12+ months.
  • Hyperlink an image upon uploading.
  • Product Launches
  • Upsell
  • Cross-Sell
  • Lead Management
  • Prospecting / New Business
We're trying to close out new business and retain customers with Marketo. This year we've provided $6.3 million in created opportunities, and have decreased our churn rate. This isn't only with emails, this is with applying lead management strategies to increase insights to what works and what doesn't. That way we can do more of what's working!
  • Measure marketing investment
We are able to measure the money put into an email campaign or anything else, but with a long sales cycle (about 90 days) it's hard to pin point the exact cost of those campaigns. (Since there is time spent managing the campaigns, adding new campaigns, deactivating some campaigns, etc.).
I have only used MailChimp for a brief time in college. I don't remember how it was, but Marketo is the best in its class. I've evaluated Pardot & Hubspot and there are capabilities that they don't have or don't do as well in. Marketo is also extremely scalable, so as you grow your use of capabilites grow inside Marketo as well.
Some small companies may turn to other marketing automation tools since they might seem simpler. It's the wrong decision, unless you plan on growing slowly. Within a year of using a marketing automation tool, you'll realize how much you need more and more. Marketo will be able to fulfill all of your marketing ideas as your business grows.

Adobe Marketo Engage Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Lead nurturing
Lead scoring and grading
Data quality management
Automated sales alerts and tasks
Event/webinar marketing
Social sharing and campaigns
Social profile integration
Standard reports
Custom reports
Role-based workflow & approvals
Integration with Salesforce.com

Learnings & Advice

The greatest successes I've seen with Marketo over the year are expansion of lead generation with Ad Bridge, big jumps in conversion rates, and more insight into the revenue Marketing contributed.
Implementing skip logic by using default programs within engagement streams has made a big difference in increasing engagement within nurture and conversions to MQL. Also, creating an advanced stream that runs the same set of emails in a faster cadence and moving leads to that stream once they're engaging with nurture emails has helped get more MQLs at a faster rate.
If you're just starting out in your Marketo journey, please visit the community. It's the best place to get answers to specific questions, understand core concepts, and keep up with best practices. I also recommend subscribing to the champion blogs and joining your local Marketo User Group. The user group will help you network face to face with other Marketo users and the champion blog will keep you up to date on all the new discoveries of best practices made by the Marketo elite!
Marketo community allows you to post questions as discussions and has some of the smartest minds there and ready to answer. There is never a close of a discussion, so you can usually find the most up to date answer to questions that have been asked in the past. It also allows you to vote up on ideas for product enhancements and allows you to connect with users in your own area.
I would definitely first start connecting with other users through the community and through your local user group. Join purple select, it's their advocacy program where they share tips & tricks, general industry news, and hand out awesome swag prizes. I also highly recommend attending Summit, they have training days for newer users and amazing sessions that will teach even the most seasoned user new tricks.

Using Marketo's core features

  • Channels
  • Programs
  • Email Templates
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Sourcing
  • Segmentation
  • Lead Nurture
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Tokens! Marketo has the capability to use tokens not only in emails, but in operational aspects like scoring. We review our scoring model on a yearly basis and going in and editing a token with a new applied score is so much easier than filtering through 50+ campaigns to find the scoring flow step and modifying from the smart campaign.
  • Reporting & Analytics. We use Marketo for reporting on email performance day-to-dayand on an quarterly basis to drive our changes in engaging our prospects & customers through email. We also set up subscriptions for the sales teams to receive weekly web activity reports for their territory.
  • Acquisition Programs and lead sourcing. It's so easy to know how someone comes in to your company with these in Marketo.
Not necessarily a feature, but I wish I would have learned early on the importance of batch campaigns vs trigger campaigns. Your instance will run smooth & super fast if you learn the difference early on and determine as a group what needs to run right away and what can wait.
Everything! Marketo Community helps you realize not only what features to use but how to optimize them, too! I've used Marketo community to optimize engagement streams, lead scoring, email deliverability, and segmentation. Marketo community is also great when your trying to find html and css cheats if you're building out super customized email and/or landing page templates.
Marketo is all around more capable of scaling with your company. It has better processing power, more capabilities, and gets more complex as you get more complex with campaign strategies to micro target your audience. Marketo is also the best at operational excellence. It's not just about getting an email out, it supports you to implement lead & data management throughout your company & sales lifecycle.
Workspaces, folders, and programs all help keep me organized in Marketo. Workspaces allow you to segement out different users/ use cases in Marketo, for instance separating out customers and prospects. Folders keep everything nice and tucked away to help you easily find what your looking for. Programs & Channels help you keep naming conventions for Salesforce campaigns in Marketing's control and help you determine how people flow through with ease.

Marketo Training

You can get 100% of your training done online. Marketo's community is filled with experts and they list free training videos on marketo.com. They also have user groups in every major city that help you get the most out of your Marketo instance and Marketing Automation in general. It's really easy to pick up this tool and start running on day one.