Mendix House

Overall Satisfaction with Mendix

We are a reseller and a partner of Mendix and build Mendix applications for customers.
  • Low-Code development = easier and much faster than coding
  • Mendix comes with a full package out of the box = It is possible to integrate Mendix fully into a SCRUM lifecycle (modeler, sprintr, ATS, APM...)
  • IT and business are able to communicate better via Mendix, especially due to the Web modeler.
  • There are many developers who do not use the integrated sprintr of Mendix for bigger projects. Maybe it's worth finding out why exactly and improve the Mendix sprintr.
  • We have become a Mendix House, so we trust in Mendix.
Mendix is well suited for smaller projects with only a few sprints. Bigger projects that take longer than a year are not that appropriate.