Great product overall, but room for improvement within its solutions.
March 30, 2019

Great product overall, but room for improvement within its solutions.

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 is being used across the entire organization where I work. It solves a myriad of business problems. One of the biggest advantages I've seen, however, is the capabilities and avenues it unlocks for remote workers versus onsite and the collaboration it allows when working across different teams and departments. A lot of tasks and projects that occur at my work are cross-functional so it requires people in different locations, in different time zones, with multiple pieces of electronics to all stay on the same page and work together.
  • Office 365 can be accessed across multiple devices. I.E. if I am at home sick and I've left my laptop at my office, I can access my calendar, email, etc. from my cell phone and personal laptop. The accessibility and syncing really helps when you don't have one thing or the other.
  • Similar to what is mentioned above, because it can be accessed across different platforms it helps and promotes collaboration when multiple stakeholders are involved or there is a cross-functional project that needs to be worked on. Other team members can access different documents and edit them, then share them, etc.
  • On the same note, you can save and access documents and create permissions to access or share them to select team members if needed. You can customize a lot of areas with the different products in Office 365.
  • One strength and weakness is that since it all comes in a package on basically one platform, a lot of the functions are tied together and you can't separate them out into their individual components. So when one thing goes wrong, it also causes many other things to go wrong as well. Again this is good and bad.
  • Some of the functions and commands in Microsoft 365 can be complex and hard to figure out at first. For more savvy users, this may not be an issue, but for the technologically challenged, learning a new feature can be cumbersome. So creating logical pathways and commands would help, easier said than done I'm sure.
  • The overall impact has been positive for my organization. If we didn't have Microsoft 365, I really believe no one could get their work done efficiently and as good as it currently is.
  • Again, the biggest positive impact it has played is the collaboration and accessibility it allows. I really can't think of any negative impacts other than financially if the product and service aren't priced competitively.
Microsoft BI is another great tool but has a more specific purpose it serves. They can't really be compared against one another, but they do compliment each other as they both offer different things and different tools. Microsoft BI is used a bit, but probably not to its full capacity and potential.
Overall, Microsoft Business 365 is a great tool and can add great value to a lot of organizations and individuals. No product will ever be perfect, so there is always room for improvement. On the downside, yes, page loading, bugs, and outages do occur more often than expected so that is an area that it is deficient in - but all in all, it is recommended.
Its overall usability is fine if someone that is technologically savvy is currently using it. As mentioned earlier, for those that aren't as technologically savvy, they may struggle learning and remembering the different functions and features. The least amount of keystrokes, lingo, etc. the better as it will help people to remember things more easily.
When working on larger scale projects that require collaboration among teams and team members, Microsoft 365 is well suited. It's great to support large enterprises and to be used organization-wide. An area where it might not be as needed or necessary is smaller scale projects and tasks that involve very few people. That's not to say it wouldn't still be helpful, but it may just be unnecessary.