is a well priced program that deserves success as they continue with their improvements.
May 21, 2021 is a well priced program that deserves success as they continue with their improvements.

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  • I believe it is still too soon for me to make a statement on this.
  • I will instead state that it appears that [its] continued use will grow for our organization.
  • We keep our teams small, so it has made a major improvement for handling our multiples of tasks and prevent items/tickets from falling through the cracks no matter how busy the days become. is currently only being utilized for the Departments I direct.

The business problems it resolves for me [are] accountability, streamlining communication, and reducing the [number] of meetings created/attended with my staff. This makes the meetings that are created/attended focused on higher impact conversations, including putting a focus on the [employee's] growth and relationship with the company. Whether my teams come across a new issue or update/resolve the old ones I don't miss a beat with our automated notification setup.
  • Notifications - My boards are set up to update to calendars and slack with certain specifications. One board, in particular, is used for our Client Onboarding for B2B clients and sends out an automated email with all the information needed to get them started.
  • Automations - The [fewer] hands-on and tedious maneuvering we have to do for tasks the more we can accomplish.
  • Guests and Viewer Accounts - The ability to add on Guests (For the right memberships) at no extra cost is HUGE for cross-company collaborations. Viewer Accounts (Free for all memberships) are perfect for those just being onboarded into for Notification and Awareness purposes only without the ability to make their own changes.
  • Email Submit New Items Straight Into Specific Boards - Massive bonus for having this function. Prevents topics from getting dropped/forgotten as long as you can get everyone on board with sending in their item/ticket soon as it comes up so it can be reviewed later.
  • Biggest Con - Adding seats to
  • Let me elaborate, my largest frustration with is that for my current departments I currently pay for a plan with a specific amount of seats. In order to add the last member of all my departments, I would need to double the number of seats for that upgrade.
  • My opinion for improvement is should have their current plans set as normal but have their user amount flexible and not set in blocks of seats.
  • Additionally, does not have a free membership plan. I would suggest they begin to offer a Free Membership Plan for 1 user.
  • The hardest part of customer acquisition is getting the customers to discover you, and the easier you make it to sign on/stay on without risk the more likely they will expand their plan when their company is ready. This is especially true for new/small businesses that may be scraping by with their startup costs.
  • Second Biggest Con - Moving Items/Tickets to different boards (Whether Manual or Automated).
  • The reason this is such a big bane for my setup is solely due to how many subitems I will have on tickets. Subitems do not currently transfer, but I believe they have it on their roadmap already. So updates, files, and progress history for all those sub-items are just gone.
  • Hosted Exchange Email Integrations - Outlook only connects to normal emails or their Office365 business emails. Hosted Exchange Email Integrations are not currently supported if your business utilizes them.
  • Slack Integration - Only one issue I've come across for this, You can only set updates to send to a specific user on slack or a specific channel on slack. Yes, this can be set per item/ticket or as a blanket rule for all updates.
  • What I would like to see improved is the ability to send the update to slack users by recognizing if they were @'d in the update. This use case works best for projects with multiple users on the same items.
  • (It's not terrible that it doesn't, users will still receive email updates if they were @'d I believe)
I am providing a 7 because of where is in [its] current progression for improvements. I have no doubt they will only continue to improve in time.

Some of the cons prevent a lot of [usabilities] that I would like to implement. It's manageable for the time being, but my opinion is larger organizations would struggle or be more constrained without more customization functions. Make sure to test out and make your own prediction on use cases.
Customer Support I've had no complaints with. Responsive and detailed on my inquiries.
All I could ask for.

I'm one to be first to judge a company based on a bad Customer Service standpoint given that I handle the department myself for our organization. It's one of those departments that don't show the inherent value of itself but can make or break a company in my opinion, unless you're already a behemoth in your sector. (Amazon Seller Support, Google, Most ISP's, etc)
I have only experienced for a short period. It's been maybe 90 days since I signed on and then only a couple [of] months to [put] it to actual use across departments.

Uptime/Reliability, there have been a couple [of] days where it was not in that time. Again though, Support was very responsive about the situation and that's all I can ask for. Other than those instances, there have been no issues.

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I have found great success in cross-company collaboration. Whether it's [an] ongoing collaboration or just short-term projects. It's easy to get everyone set up and with how visually pleasing the UI is, nobody has been overwhelmed and gets used to the system in a short time.

Stay up to date, and get your staff [to set] up everything on their own. Stop having people rush to your office all day and start prioritizing your work correctly. As management, we already have enough meetings and items to remember.

Would like to see more customizability options for Dashboard Setups. For example, when onboarding for one of our B2B relationships. I've set up a Dashboard that shows Clients Onboarded per month. Well, of course, the first month is going to skew the chart and make other months look flat since we transferred all current client's information on there to have it all in one place.

Do not be confused if you are looking for a CRM for online/eCommerce marketplaces specifically, is something completely separate. Feature Ratings

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