I highly recommend NICE inContact CXone
May 13, 2020

I highly recommend NICE inContact CXone

Warren Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NICE inContact CXone

We are using NICE inContact CXone as our primary phone, ACD, and chat provider. We have been with NICE inContact when they were just inContact and even before then when they were UCN. There are approximately 1200 volunteer part-time agents, supporting 10 languages with the average age of 55-65 years of age. All using NICE inContact, which is integrated with Salesforce. We primarily use NICE inContact for inbound phone calls and chats.


  • NICE inContact provides great customer care. They are quick to respond to the needs of our organization which helps us help our patrons.
  • As the primary contact from our organization, I have been impressed by our Key Accounts Manager and our Technical Accounts Manager to help us find solutions to many obstacles we have.
  • The NICE inContact CXone and products are easy to learn and easy to use for our elderly agents.


  • I've always said that the base reporting needs improvement. They need to make it easier to create custom reports
  • For what we were using it for NICE IEX was very complex. It was a Mercedes with all the bells and whistles and all we needed was a small compact car with manual windows. Hoping to implement WFM Pro soon.
  • NICE inContact Support sometimes would call at the end of the day instead of marked business hours to follow-up on a case that is active.
  • Our business model is different from any business model that I have seen. Our workforce is entirely volunteer, so agent salaries measure more in the ease of use and experience that our agents are having. I would say from what I have seen of other Contact Center companies NICE inContact has been the best.
  • As a non-profit, NICE inContact has worked with us to keep our costs as low as possible.
All of our phone and chat scripts are 100% customized. The chat the NICE inContact provides is customizable for us to be able to make the color scheme and logo prevalent. It also has the ability to integrate with Salesforce to create new cases as a call or chat comes in. We have worked with NICE inContact Engineers for these integrations.
Most of our agents are between the ages 55-75 years old around the world. We have remote/virtual call centers in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America almost 100% of our agents work from home providing their own phone and computer to aid us in our support needs. So if it isn't easy for someone in that category we'd rather not use it. That is what we found out with NICE IEX. For our call center with limited funds, we weren't able to use it to its fullest capacity. However, for the NICE inContact Client our agents are able to learn and use it with no problem.
The information is there. For me, the hardest part with the basic reporting is to be able to retrieve the data. Like I said NICE inContact collects a lot of information from every contact. We were able to use the NICE inContact's API to link to programs such as Domo for more of a visual approach to seeing the data. I wish that Dashboards were able to drill down to specific skills by clicking on them as well.
Yes - 11 years ago we were using Siebel. It was unreliable and horrible to use as an end-user. I remember as an end-user thinking just how much better inContact was than what we were using. Shortly after upgrading our phone system, we added the chat channel. We then moved from a legacy CRM to Salesforce and life as an agent got better.
NICE inContact CXone has the ability to shrink and grow with your organization. We are not locked into a set of licenses or ports. If for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing low call volumes we can shrink the agents so that we are only charged for the ones we need.

NICE CXone Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Validate callers
Outbound response
Click-to-call (CTC)
Warm transfer
Interactive voice response
Call scripts
Call tracking
Multichannel integration
CRM software integration
Inbound call routing
Omnichannel inbound routing
Historical reporting
Live reporting


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