Get visibility into your network and applications with NMAP!
Roger Mialkowski | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 02, 2019

Get visibility into your network and applications with NMAP!

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Overall Satisfaction with Nmap

We use Nmap several times per week to assist applications teams that aren't familiar with a new/existing software package they are tasked to support. This is necessary because we have firewalls that require explicit rules to allow the applications to communicate on the network. Often the applications teams do not know the software they are supporting on that intricate level. Nmap helps us determine exactly how the application talks on the network.
  • Nmap has a unique process of fingerprinting applications/devices to help us identify their communications patterns quicker.
  • Nmap can be used for network auditing by specifying whole subnets that you would like to scan for open/closed ports.
  • Nmap has a diverse presence and can be used from most operating systems.
  • Since Nmap is a free software, new and updated versions don't pop up regularly. It's rather complete as it is, but technologies advance quickly and it would benefit NMAP to try to keep up.
  • Nmap is currently offered as graphical and command line programs. Not sure if a web-based version would be something the developers would consider.
  • Nmap does not appear to offer commercial support so you are at the mercy of the community and developers if you have a particular problem you need to find a resolution for in a short amount of time.
  • Nmap is free software so ROI is not really a consideration.
  • Nmap is easy to learn and use. Not a lot of time is required to become productive with the tool.
  • Another positive aspect of Nmap is that you can scan your network and avoid getting fined for having insecure ports open on supposedly compliant nodes.
When used as the starting point for troubleshooting or network discovery, it can provide intel that you can then use to further inspect devices or applications. Nmap is a welcome staple in an administrator's toolkit. The documentation is thorough and overall the software is straightforward to use. Being free, even the smallest shops can use it to provide visibility to a customer's network.
Nmap is great for any person in IT that supports applications, computers, servers, network gear, printers. It can help pinpoint whether or not there is network communication available at a particular port or range of ports. It is perfect for finding open ports that should really be closed/firewalled.

Nmap Feature Ratings

Automated network device discovery
Network monitoring
Baseline threshold calculation
Network capacity planning
Network mapping
Customizable reports
Wireless infrastructure monitoring