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February 12, 2019

Anti virus software you can count on.

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Norton Security Premium

Overall Satisfaction with Norton Internet Security

I use this both at work and on my personal computer. It's a very dependable and reliable anti-virus. Both my work and personal computers contain critical and sensitive data and while I do have cloud backups turned on for safety. a good anti-virus software is still critical to ensure I don't lose anything. I have been using Norton for over 2 years and I have to say I have been very impressed with it. In all the time I have used this I don't think I have run into any infections. Granted I don't click on a lot of dodgy links or download potentially harmful stuff (your common sense is still the best protection) but it is still nice having the peace of mind that if someone were to send me an email with a virus disguised as a file, Norton will make sure I don't get infected. Email protection is very high on the list of things we absolutely must have and Norton has delivered.
  • It's really simple to use. It looks nice and it's easy to find the options you are looking for.
  • Quick scans are nice and fast.
  • Very good at detecting and blocking harmful software.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Works across multiple platforms.
  • It runs a little sluggishly on some of our older computers. Works better with Windows 10 though.
  • Improved our security.
  • Protected our critical data.
I have used or tried a few different anti-viruses over the years. Malwarebytes is really good at scanning and removing harmful items but I don't think its active protection is as good as Norton. Both Eset and Kaspersky were used at places I used to work at earlier. I still feel like my experience with Norton has been the most painless though. It's just simpler to use and works better than the rest.
It's a well built, dependable anti-virus software. If you need an anti-virus (and you really should have one) then I can't see too many scenarios where this will not do the job. The one thing you should keep in mind though is that it does impact performance on older computers. So if you (or your team) are still using older configuration computers, you might want to try it out before you commit to it.