A few adjustments and this is a GREAT tool!
March 11, 2016

A few adjustments and this is a GREAT tool!

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Overall Satisfaction with OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is being used by our organization to build wireframe sketches. These sketches are shared with our clients during the beginning phase of a project. This makes it fairly easy for us to update the wireframes sketches based on any edits the client may have. Once the wire frames are approved we proceed to build out the interactions and pass to the creative department so they can use the wireframes as a reference when they create the graphics for the product.
  • Placeholders! I love how there are endless stencils to choose from and download for OmniGraffle.
  • I love how easy it is to connect elements in OmniGraffle down to the pixel. The connectors are also helpful when building flowcharts and user stories for user experience.
  • The double click to enter text on any shape makes it super convenient to quickly put together a flow chart! I love that I do not need to create a shape and then drop in a text box and place it over the shape to enter text.
  • One feature i would love to see on OmniGraffle is the ability to see the pixel distance when I'm trying to place shapes next to each other. Working in UX, i'm always trying to wireframe down to the pixel, this gives the client and the other departments a clearer understanding of how the end product dimensions will look like.
  • Preloaded digital platform dimensions would be great. I know there are stencils we can use, but it would be great if i can click on a new canvas and choose between iPhone 6, iPad, desktop 1024, etc. It would make the prototype process much easier when I'm design for these platforms.
  • A bigger canvas. Why not have a unlimited canvas so I can build user flows without always having to readjust the canvas size. I like to open the program and just dive right in and start designing without spending time trying to guess how big the canvas should be.
  • Very positive! Our clients love the presentations we provide using OmniGraffle. It gives them a clear understanding of how the product will look and detailed explanation next to each element.
  • It's also great how easily I can edit the wires in OmniGraffle. I can copy elements with ease in OG as well, this makes it a great tool for rapid prototyping.
  • It would be great if we were able to toggle between a presentation/ppt type canvas, as it currently is and a bigger or unlimited canvas with preloaded digital platform screens for easier wire framing.
  • Sketch
In comparison to Sketch, OmniGraffle is much better with connectors and placeholders. The placeholders were key for me as I use them often while building wireframes. It's so easy to access and drop in. I'm still trying to figure out how to download and sync stencils for Sketch and actually be able to use them. Its been a months since i've started to use sketch and i'm still trying to figure it out. Another thing is the connectors, I hate the limited capability in Sketch to connect one element to another, especially with elbow connectors. Maybe there is a different way, but OmniGraffle makes this process much easier to execute. Sketch however, is great at visually letting the user know how much space is in between elements when I'm trying to align things on the canvas.
I just love how there are so many placeholders readily available and easy to access and drop into the canvas.