Data Management Platform that makes a difference!
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December 05, 2019

Data Management Platform that makes a difference!

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle BlueKai

We are using Oracle BlueKai platform in our marketing department. Since it is our main analytics platform we are using it to personalize all of our marketing campaigns with more accurate information for targeted audiences. It allows us to ensure relevancy in the ads appearing for customers of our products, but also for potential customers browsing our websites.
  • Really well facilitated cookie-based interest based advertising.
  • Can process huge volumes of data.
  • Provides high quality metrics about your customers for campaign optimization.
  • Might be seen as an invasion of privacy.
  • Does not support the usage of any custom algorithms to dig deeper into insights.
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle Content Marketing (Compendium)
  • Oracle Maxymizer (Testing & Optimization)
Since we are using just one very powerful platform it brings integrated insights together to help our marketing department realize their goals and target the right public. Cloud based marketing allows us to pull information from a wide variety of sources and to keep pace with the desires of customers, which is hugely important for our business.
In the first place we had to learn how to properly note response attribution. It then allowed us to create and visualize detailed segments using customer preferences, demographics and behavioral data. Later on we are able to make adjustments in real time to guarantee the best results of our marketing campaigns.
BlueKai platform is a leading solution when it comes to cloud-based data management platforms. Despite being expensive it has the richest set of features. BlueKai has already been chosen by world leading companies, which makes it a desirable choice for our company as well. Our assessment has shown that it allows us to capture, unify and store 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party audience data better than other products we have looked into.
Based on our experience Oracle BlueKai is a great solution if third-party integration is needed. It also works very well if your goal is to understand your audience composition grouped by device and/or operating system. May not be suitable for smaller businesses with a small or medium amount of data, since it is quite an expensive solution.

Oracle BlueKai Feature Ratings

Collection of first-party data
Collection of third-party data
Access to Third-party Data Providers
Audience taxonomy
Tag Management
Data Analysis Dashboard
Data Transfer
DSP integration
Campaign Analytics
Audience Analytics