Easy to Use, and a great central location to manage all your Domains DNS needs.
Peter Kapas Jr. | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 24, 2018

Easy to Use, and a great central location to manage all your Domains DNS needs.

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Dyn Managed DNS

We primarily use it for managing our DNS for numerous domains, especially for our services that we run out of our Datacenter. It's used by the IT Department to provide availability to our services worldwide. It addresses our need to be able to update DNS records on the fly while knowing that the changes will happen almost instantaneously.
  • Easy to manage DNS records across multiple domains.
  • The updates are very quick and are usually available within seconds.
  • We have added features for DNS resolution that other DNS providers don't provide.
  • It would be nice to quickly filter content by IP ranges, rather than have to click through many domains. It would make ISP changes easier.
  • Our biggest ROI is the fact that we don't lose time when we update our records, since replication is instantaneous most of the time.
Prior to Dyn we used to use the built in DNS management of our domain registrar. While this worked, it made it difficult to manage domains because each registrar had their own restrictions. Dyn allows us to bring all the domains together under one platform and manage all the records in one place.
This is very important to us, because we don't know where our company is going to be in the next 5-10 years. being vendor agnostic helps us sleep at night knowing that the services will work for us no matter how we change our environment.
I have not had the experience to talk with Support yet. So I cannot give them a rating. I'm hoping that if the day comes that we do need support, that there will be multiple ways of reaching out to them, and we won't have to jump through hoops to find a solution to our issue.
Overall the usability of Dyn is great. We appreciate the fact that it's easy to understand, has many features, and we usually don't have to dig deep in random pages to find what we try to accomplish. For example, GoDaddy doesn't make it easy to redirect websites, and depending on when you purchased a domain from them, the configuration varies. With Dyn, the configuration is always the same and always easy to find.
So far, we have never had an issue accessing Dyn. We remember the time when there was a large DDoS attack against Dyn. While we were affected with the resolution of our Domains, thankfully we did not have to manage the platform during that time. We're hoping that Dyn can improve on the security and hopefully prevent such attacks in the future. We understand that this can be difficult.
It's very suited for large corporations that need to have their services available instantly with minimal number of clicks. We find it especially perfect when it comes to updating records when one of our ISPs has a planned maintenance and we need to transition services from one IP to another. The tool might not be useful for small businesses that cannot afford it.