Oracle Java SE Subscription Review
April 24, 2021

Oracle Java SE Subscription Review

Suhas Kashyap RR | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Java SE Subscription

[Oracle Java SE Subscription] is being used by the developers and testers of the organization. Developers are using Oracle Java SE Subscription for developing the applications and testers are using it for developing the automation scripts, so that, [they] can be interfaced with any other IDE's.

Oracle Java SE Subscription is a very easily understandable programming language and [users] can start coding /automating the test cases in a very short span of time. Even the beginner can easily learn the [programming] syntax, coding approach, handling errors, troubleshooting issues quickly. The latest Oracle Java SE Subscription version supports methods, which are very useful in handling real-time issues / developing the application as per user requirement. Since Oracle Java SE Subscription is [a] purely Object Oriented programming language, all the features /concepts can be easily implemented.
  • Since, JOracle Java SE Subscription is [a] purely Object Oriented programming language, all the concepts /features (like inheritance, abstraction) can be implemented as per real-world scenarios. Also, the code reusability is very helpful. In Oracle Java SE Subscription, both data and behavior [are] taken care [of].
  • Java Byte code. Since bytecode is a highly optimized set of instructions that [are] executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Bytecode helps in achieving both portability and security.
  • Multithreading. In Oracle Java SE Subscription, we can write Multithreaded programs for running /executing multiple tasks at [the] same time and memory need not be allocated to every running thread.
  • Oracle Java SE Subscription has automatic memory management or garbage collection, which is an application /concept that automatically handles [the] allocation and deallocation of memory.
  • Performance. Though Oracle Java SE Subscription, code can be executed on every operating system, it also makes the performance bit slower than the other programming languages like C and C++.
  • Cost. Java programming language is a bit costly due to its higher processing and memory requirements and higher hardware configuration is required.
  • No backup facility. Oracle Java SE Subscription works on storage and not focuses on data backup.
  • Java UI applications [are] not attractive. Though there are many GUI builders in Oracle Java SE Subscription still they are not suitable for creating complicated UI and there are many inconsistencies.
  • Oracle Java SE Subscription allowed in executing the Bytecode on multiple platforms thus saving time.
  • Due to multi-threading, Oracle Java SE Subscription allowed in executing multiple tasks simultaneously and reduced execution time.
  • Since Oracle Java SE Subscription's requirements /configurations are high, it was difficult to manage the cost of the systems.
  • Since the GUI developed using Oracle Java SE Subscription is not so attractive/good looking, it is [a] bit difficult to develop the complete application using GUI builders and still was not suitable for creating complicated UI.
Not yet, but I'm interested in Oracle user groups - Interested in joining the Oracle / Java /MySQL members community group, so that I can gain more knowledge by interacting with other members and also will be easy to implement new ideas /thoughts when I am working on the projects in my professional career. Also interested in joining some of [the] other groups related to trending technologies like AI, Big Data, Data Cloud to enhance my knowledge on these topics as well.
Though I have not yet used Oracle University till now I am planning to do some certifications/exams from Oracle University to get more exposure & knowledge as well. And also few of my friends who have done the certifications from Oracle University were satisfied and happy [with] the course content, concepts covered, and its quality.
As I feel, the Java language developed by Oracle is very nice, and its a strong programming language, which has even implemented all the Object-Oriented concepts/principles/features and thus has helped in developing the strong, efficient tools/applications that are widely used across industries today in [the] market. The Java applications which will be [a] front end for users to interact [are] combined with the powerful, strong Oracle SQL database/DBMS, which is very much compatible for interaction between the front end UI and the backend database.
The support portal is nice and helpful in logging the issues and the support staff at Oracle is very helpful and kind enough in resolving the issues. Staffs are knowledgeable and they try their best in resolving the issues faced by customers in [a] short time. Since support is available 24/7 and support is available from India as well, usually customers will not experience any delay/lag in the response.

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Subscription to Java SE provides [a] platform /an option to keep track of updates to Java, new features being implemented to Java, and the ongoing developments in the Oracle, and even we get the required support quickly and easily for the users with Java subscription. If [a] subscription is not there, [it's] difficult to keep track of Java updates / for maintenance activity, and then we have to keep track of updates on the individual machine/system basis.
Oracle Java SE Subscription is best suited in the below-mentioned scenarios:
1. When multiple tasks/threads [need] to be executed simultaneously.
2. Memory needs to be allocated/deallocated to the application/task automatically when memory is a concern /low in systems.

Oracle Java SE Subscription is not suited in the below-mentioned scenarios:
1. Java programming language prerequisites/hardware configurations is [a] bit high and hence costly and it needs to be satisfied in order to execute the complex Java programs.
2. The GUI application developed using Java is not attractive as compared to [the] GUI of other languages and there are inconsistencies.