Ask me about Pendo Guides for Customer Education
December 22, 2018

Ask me about Pendo Guides for Customer Education

Joel Baldwin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Pendo is integrated with one of our company product lines which is a cloud-based service. Pendo is used by multiple departments to address different aspects of customer interaction. Product Management uses if for customer insight (e.g. feature adoption). Product Marketing uses it for surveys and NPS scoring. Support uses it for technical announcements (e.g. planned outages for software updating). Education uses it to announce new features and offer online training guides.


  • Pendo provides absolutely fabulous support. I am continually impressed by the speed, usefulness, and personal touch when they respond to my questions.
  • It has frequently been my experience that when I ask about a Pendo capability which I wish I had but can't seem to find, the answer is "yes, we can do that" and then they point me in the right direction.
  • I enjoy the transparency provided by the roadmap webinars--they allow me to consider how I might use upcoming features to improve my communication with, or evaluation of, my customer's behavior.


  • Personally, I seem to have a hard time finding answers to my technical questions in the Help system. I usually end up reaching out to my Customer Success rep. That's okay, those people are very helpful, but I prefer self-help to start.
  • Sometimes the technical help articles are a little *too* technical--like they assume they are being used by a developer, which I am not. So there is a tough balance between not technical and too technical, and unfortunately, I'm right in that middle ground.
  • Sometimes I can't make the dashboard numbers "match" the way I think they should, i.e. reconciling different views of the same data. I usually attribute it to my lack of understanding, but it has been a little frustrating.
  • My personal use of Pendo is exclusively within the guides. Every year I get heavily marketed to come to the user conference, but the sessions seem weighted towards product management--not much for people like me. So I don't go.
  • Disclosure - I am not in a position to evaluate or know in real dollars what effect Pendo is making with regard to our business objectives.
  • I do know that the product managers are completely sold on the value of Pendo and rely on it heavily as a tool for NPS scoring, other surveys, and analysis of feature adoption or usage.
  • For the work that I do--customer education--Pendo is a fabulous in-app tool that our other product lines *wish* they had (theirs are server-based where mine is browser-based).
I came into the department four years after product launch, and Pendo had been selected a couple of years before. I was not involved in the evaluation of any competitive products--just told that "this is what we use." So I have no basis for comparison. I will say however that I have never felt the need to look around for a "better alternative" because Pendo does everything I need it to do.
I use Pendo to raise customer's awareness of new software features, and to invite them to make use of online training resources. The core strength of Pendo is its ability to segment, meaning you can target who sees your message. There are many prebuilt attributes, and your coders can add custom attributes based on your software to help create segment definitions. This has been a critical capability for allowing us to make sure our pop-up messages are only seen by the users to whom they are pertinent and not by anyone else. We all know that when a user is in the software they are there to work, and many see or treat a pop-up as an irritant, an ad, or something that is just in the way, so we try to keep the guides as meaningful as possible.


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