This 45 Year Construction Veteran is Happy to Recommend Procore!
December 04, 2018

This 45 Year Construction Veteran is Happy to Recommend Procore!

Paul Baldwin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

We (Owner, PM's and Admin) use Procore to organize our construction workflow, from the bidding process to punch-out and every thing in between. Tracking and organizing bid status, submittals, RFI's etc. is impressive. Daily logs are so easy to complete, they actually get done!

With one central depository, everyone can get the latest project details and information from anywhere. No one has to be a slave to the office desktop anymore!

Because our data can be viewed in real-time, managers can make decisions much faster...we are more productive.
  • Daily Logs are easily completed and sent to the appropriate parties. This means they actually get done which means they are more accurate. Adding photos to the logs is very easy as well.
  • Procore allows you to put links to photos on your drawing set. This is especially helpful when we send out bid packages...bidders can see more details and existing conditions for our commercial remodeling projects.
  • If you need to send out a lot of requests for quotes, Procore makes it easy to keep track of everything through the Reports function. PM's can also drill down to see who has or has not opened the invitation...a real time saver!
  • Procore has a submittal builder built in, so after you upload the spec book, you can click on the builder and it generates a list of possible submittals. You can modify the list to suit your need. This can save days on a large project.
  • When you upload revised drawing pages, Procore allows you to overlay the pages and highlights the differences with the new set. This is very helpful even if you were aware of the coming changes. It also allows you the chance to note the changes for possible change orders.
  • I'd like to see the ability to more with the mark-up tool. Features that are available on simple take-off software would be nice. Something as simple as being able to place a color coded dot would be helpful.
  • When adding people to the directory, it would be nice if when you forget to complete one of the required fields and hit SAVE...rather than delete everything because you forgot that one'd be nice to just give you a message asking you to "please enter missing information".
  • The way is is now, seems rather punitive, but I'm sure they will change it.
  • I'd like to see other types of scheduling options become compatible with Procore. I do use MS Project, but not everyone does. Project is rather pricey and would be another software product to learn.
I do not have enough experience with other software solutions to evaluate them.

We chose Procore after watching some online videos, looking at reviews, and evaluating the Procore pitch. We weighed these with where were as a company and where we waned to be. It sometimes takes some vision to speculate how the software can help get where you want to go. Decision makers will likely have different thoughts and expectations.
As a GC, we are fining more and more design professionals are using, or have used Procore. This makes sharing information faster and more organized than non-software solutions. Being cloud based system, no on has to wait to get back to the office to respond to issues.

Being cloud based, also allows you get more work done on the road or at the site...everywhere is your office.
  • We definitely use less paper! Used to relay on paper plans - set after set - many wasted. I now do all my work online.
  • The time I save with organization allows me to put more focus on planning and delivering a quality product. Project owners recognize the difference in our process since switching to Procore. Definitely a win-win.
  • Procore is a sizable investment, I can understand the reluctance to go all-in. There will be some who, getting caught in the hype, imagine Procore as a magic pill to solve all company problems just by signing the check. The people will be among the first to say it was a mistake.
  • Making Procore work requires a great amount of effort, but if there are a few people with vision it should be worth it.
  • Gain visibility into projects
  • Ensure information is accessible and up to date
  • Document job site conditions
  • Report on incidents and inspections
  • Identify job site risks
  • Track cost impacts from the field
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Simplify employee time tracking
We don't currently use all the modules, but my hope is, after demonstrating success with the modules currently deployed, we will take on modules.

Procore is a great organizational tool which is always evolving and improving.
As helpful as the Procore roll-out and support staffs are, the actual heavy lifting is up to you and your team. The software is sooo comprehensive, even after taking training courses there is much to try and see how it will look in your application. I recommend creating your own personalized training for stragglers and newcomers.
I have worked in residential home construction, single & multifamily construction, multifamily affordable housing, mixed use, and commercial construction projects. I have worked on projects ranging from less than 1K to over 16M. Procore is outstanding for all but small single family residential projects...I could make Procore work like a charm for this type of construction, but it would take some creativity.

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