FlashArray for the Performance Oriented.
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January 25, 2019

FlashArray for the Performance Oriented.

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

I give their support a solid 10. They have been one of the most responsive, supportive and understanding support systems I've had the pleasure of working with. Their engineers are first-class and provide deep levels of insight into capacity and growth planning, working with us to predict usage, overlay multiple metrics and determine a final answer to which FlashArray fits our needs. There is no guess-work, just solid fact-based answers.
We use Pure Storage FlashArray across our entire organization to provide sub-millisecond latency to sensitive databases and applications. Decoupling our servers from local storage allowed us to design a proper HA environment and leverage growth in the compute and network layers without impacting our storage reliability and performance. Data Encryption at Rest also enabled us to guarantee full data encryption without the costly CPU overhead of a local solution.
  • Data deduplication has saved us many TB of space, as much of our data is copied and reused for QA, staging and testing environments.
  • Encryption at Rest allows us to offload the management, overhead and cost of encryption with to a single source.
  • Upgradability between models has allowed us to grow fast when needed, and save money when not.
  • Pure is still one of the most costly solutions on the market. Though they provide best in class service and equipment - you pay for it.
  • We've seen a great ROI on our FlashArrays, along side an easy-to-swallow upgrade path that has helped us grow without overspending.
Pure engineers have always been very available for any installation, upgrade, or troubleshooting. Their first-class support and ease of use have made continued use a no-brainer. Occasionally, the lack of 'knobs and levers' presented to use is frustrating from an Engineers point-of-view. It can feel a little oversimplified with what options are presented, but calling support is quick and painless.
If you need something very fast, very reliable, and able to do anything you want - go with Pure. If uptime, support and response are important factors - go with Pure. If cost is a major factor, you may need to look elsewhere. We've had nothing but amazing interactions with Pure and their engineering team during growth/capacity planning and all stages of the experience - from initial quote to actual installation, they're available, responsive and do a lot of the heavy lifting.
We haven't tested other pure NVMe devices, but the aging hardware we replace (Tegile, NetApp) all exhibited much higher failure rates and much more difficult support interactions. A certain company actually sent us a 'parts box' with almost enough equipment to completely build another array - and they said this was standard practice! To lack such confidence in your hardware to do something like that did not inspire confidence in us. From a performance level, any comparison would be unfair as they were using spinning platters rather than solid state NVMe.
Pure FlashArray excels when performance and reliability are driving factors. If you need a lot of data, and fast, Pure FlashArray can deliver. If your process doesn't require sub-ms response times, full disk encryption, or massive datasets, you could save money with a cheaper product. Even 'small' models of the FlashArray line are very performant and could be considered overkill for a small workload.