Pure Storage FlashArray helps keep the DBA's away
Updated March 23, 2021

Pure Storage FlashArray helps keep the DBA's away

Mark McCully | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We use Pure Storage FlashArray as our Tier 1 storage platform across our entire organization. We have been using it since 2015 and it has worked out great so far. We don't have to deal with disk slowness complaints from our DBA's anymore.
  • Technical support from Pure has been great. They are very proactive and responsive when necessary.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray is very easy to install, configure and administer.
  • We have been very satisfied with the performance of FlashArray - under 1 millisecond latency.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray is not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for.
  • We have seen a few too many necessary firmware updates to fix software bugs in 2019.
  • There is a bit of "sticker shock" to see how much usable disk you end up with from the raw TB total.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray has had a great impact on our databases and applications. SQL jobs that used to take hours now take minutes - which has allowed our company to move new product offerings forward faster.
  • The ease of use of Pure Storage FlashArray has allowed our Storage Admins to focus on other duties and not have to "babysit" the SAN.
The price-point of Pure Storage FlashArray is pretty steep. That alone is tough to overcome when trying to justify the purchase. We were able to do a POC of Pure StorageFlashArray and bake it off against a competitor and it proved to be much faster and easier to use than the product that we baked it off against. I would recommend doing a POC in your environment and put some of your large databases on Pure to test it out.
The benefits of using it as our Tier 1 storage have been ease of use, speed, uptime, and confidence in the product and company.
Pure's data reduction is very good - so we are able to attain 3 to 4 times data reduction on a lot of workloads. We also see less than 1 ms latency across all of our arrays as well, so the performance is top-notch.
We used to get calls and trouble-tickets from our DBA's all the time about slow disk performance on our critical SQL databases. Once we moved the databases over to Pure Storage FlashArray, we don't have any more calls about slow performance. Now all we have to deal with is everyone wants their workload on Pure!
We baked off Pure Storage FlashArray against NetApp and Nimble and Pure blew both of those products out of the water. Pure's all-flash approach guaranteed that none of our critical data would ever be on spinning disk - so that was a very important topic for use. Pure was also one of the first storage vendors to provide encryption across the whole array as well, and that was a big selling point for us.
Pure Storage FlashArray is great as a tier 1 storage solution for any workload that needs to have excellent performance. SQL or Oracle databases, in particular, run very well and also see good data reduction.

Pure Storage FlashArray Feature Ratings

Flash Array Performance
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Upgrading Pure Storage FlashArray

Yes - We have done multiple firmware upgrades to our Pure Storage FlashArrays and also upgraded the controllers to new models as well and never had any downtime. We have not had any issues with the new firmware releases causing any issues with our storage arrays either - everything has gone very smooth.
  • Updated an internal certificate within the array that was expiring in Sept. 2021
  • fixed a potential bug with Cisco UCS and vSphere 7
  • other bug fixes
  • Faster performance
  • new software features
  • ability to attach different types of storage to the array


We purchased our first Pure Arrays in 2015 and have not had any outage or major issues since that time. We have been through one round of non-disruptive controller upgrades via the Evergreen Storage program and look forward to doing another one once our current three year maintenance renewal expires. The performance and simplicity of Pure Storage's FlashArray has allowed us to have a "set it and forget it" approach to our Tier 1 storage platform and this has freed up our storage administrators to focus on higher-level architecture, projects and accumulating DevOps skills. We have been extremely satisfied with Pure's FlashArray and we are up to having nine total arrays in our environment now.

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