Quick review of QuickBase.
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Updated March 06, 2017

Quick review of QuickBase.

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Overall Satisfaction with QuickBase

We used it to do everything including: job tracking, cost analysis, timely completion, material ordering, permit applications and approvals, track quality control, safety audit results and trends, scheduling, as well as profit and loss for individual jobs.

We also use it to track vehicle repairs, employee training, closing of work orders and billing and receiving of payments. We set it up to do everything we needed to track our performance and to follow our improvement.
  • Many software platforms make you use what they set up. With QuickBase, you can imagine what you need and set it up. The only limit is your ability to explain what you need and why you need it.
  • We were able to require necessary data input from our employees that before were left blank.
  • Creating reports that can be completed with just 1-button, before we would spend a day or more to accomplish the one weekly report that we can do in just minutes.
  • It allowed us to share what each group needed with limiting confidential access to sensitive material.
  • Creating ad hock reports on the fly is a powerful tool. When you start creating a program you never know what needs you may have in the future and when you realize the need, you just create a report.
  • Calendaring is difficult and tedious at best. With special problems with shifts that go past midnight.
  • It was difficult to get started with QuickBase. Not really understanding relational databases and relationships caused issues.
  • The team from QuickBase was only moderately helpful with getting this up and running. They were of no help leading me to a plan, it was just fly by the seat of your pants.
I have utilized quickbase at both of my last two jobs. At both places, we ended up onboarding a developer for me to work with. I have the ability to paint a picture of what I needed and in both cases, I was able to work with outstanding people that really could make it work for us.
We were so used to using workarounds for data that most people were happy to jump on board with QuickBase. It's exciting when a product works for you!
We tried a few and I can't recall the names or the companies, but the competition was basically Microsoft Excel which is no comparison.
The initial set up is hard to understand unless you have relational database experience or understanding. Understanding how the forms interact with the data is slow to comprehend, but after you understand the concepts it is easier.

The ongoing maintenance and improvements can be done by a reasonably savvy noob, but it helps to have someone that can make your thoughts become a reality.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
Our main goals were to create a data solution that would allow multiple people to input data from different places. With this basic data, we would want real time answers and a weekly report to come out with ease. We set it up and gave access permission to the correct people, our data issues went away. With some simple macros, we can download our weekly update into Excel and push the macro button and have it look like our customer asked. Since the original goals were achieved we can track the performance of each work group and better understand where we can improve.
Our customer changed the way they wanted our report, adding information that we were not collecting. By creating some basic formulas we were able to create a field that would calculate what they were asking us for. We could display the information in our forms and download it into our weekly update. It was easy to accomplish.
We found it particularly helpful with a simple process that needs to be accomplished before work can start. We needed permits, material, and a signed PO before work can start. We created a simple 3 phase red-light/green-light process for us to know when we could schedule each job. This simple process helped us to reduce false job starts. It also gave us the ability to understand which process took the longest and to better allocate resources.

QuickBase Support

When we needed assistance we received help but not always with the same person. so, we needed to reexplain what we needed and expected. they would try to help and then they we off to the next customer, instead of trying to solve our problems and provide customer service.
Knowledgeable team
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
No - the basic support was not really as helpful and focused as I expected so it was not in my best interest to pay for premium support. We eventually hired our own person to act as an expert, this helped them to make the necessary adjustments as soon as we needed them.
We were trying to find a way to create many sub work orders under one work order number, they were able to create a relationship that would allow us to track each work order number and subordinate work order numbers that are under that were under the parent work order number.

Using QuickBase

After you get it set up and get people to trust it... QuickBase is easy to use and easy to maintain. Putting the necessary relationships and protocols in place can take some time and be frustrating for a novice but the data information it can provide is very helpful and necessary to run a business.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating ad hoc reports are easy to accomplish and save for next time.
  • Data input is easy to set up with the use of access permission.
  • Creating lists and pulling necessary data is easy to accomplish.
Yes - It is definitely a scaled down version of the product but it allows the ability to search and find answers when a customer needs them, from anywhere you may be. When a customer asked about a certain project and I was at lunch, I just checked the job number and was able to answer their question (they were very impressed).