How I learned to love QuickBooks Online Advanced: coming to terms with perfection
February 27, 2021

How I learned to love QuickBooks Online Advanced: coming to terms with perfection

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Overall Satisfaction with QuickBooks Online Advanced

I am using QuickBooks Online Advanced for bookkeeping. Recording and paying bills, printing reports, communicating with the accountant, managing credit cards. My boss and other employees use it for different purposes for construction, but I have nothing to do with that part.
  • Manages the checkbook.
  • Moves everything into place with the proper categories.
  • Creates rules to simplify bank feed information.
  • Simplifies bill paying and matches bills with payments.
  • This is a very powerful program. Customer support must be top notch, and it is. Although I have talked to a few that seemed clueless--then I hang up and start over.
  • When I first started, 1 year ago, I created my own problems with no knowledge how to fix them. When calling customer support I just wanted them to take over and make everything right. I called almost daily. Agents were very patient and wanted to know if everything was corrected for fixed to may satisfaction.
  • There has to be easier access to online support, whether videos on youtube, or your own learning sessions. When a mistake is made, QuickBooks Online sometimes knows, and if a link was provided to a video or even a description, that would be great.
  • Not sure how to answer this one. I guess the best answer depends on how accurate I am with the bookkeeping.
  • QuickBooks has been super for my purposes, so my monthly payment is an excellent ROI.
I came from a medical billing background, so I had a rudimentary knowledge of how a program should work. Because I billed medicare, I had to use excruciating minutiae for claims payment. However, my job at this company had a pretty rough start as I was on my own. Initially it was my boss and me - he was getting the business started and didn't know from "nuthin" about QuickBooks Online. I tried and failed so many times. Until I noticed the help button. I called nearly every day. I created what I thought were insurmountable problems. When I called, I just wanted the agent to clean up the mess, just fix it for me. And they did. When the problem was resolved, they were sure to ask if everything was to my satisfaction. Yes it was. This went on for months until I grew more comfortable with the categories, the bill payments, the matching process, and the general gist of things. At the same time, I wanted to learn why things were done the way they were. I made so many problems and errors which turned out to be a good thing because I learned so much about how to fix and prevent. Each agent had a special talent. Some were almost accountants; some were better at being "translators" when I could barely express myself due to frustration; some just loved QuickBooks Online and tried to impart that love to me. Some were just sort of journeymen agents who were good with simple things, but my problems were always complicated.
We have only one physical location, although I work from home. I get up early every day and check the bank feeds, so when my boss checks in, everything is all ready for his attention. Although the bank feeds do not always update daily - I understand if there has been no action, but many times there will be multiple transactions to review. As we expand over the coming year, more employees will be on job sites and using iPads with a specific construction program which integrates with QuickBooks Online Advanced. They are doing it now and it is super.
My industry set up QuickBooks specifically for their needs. It is a national company with 500+ franchises, but I would rather not use their name. It is a construction and restoration company. They want things done a certain way. One thing that they do not like is the use of category 5 digit numbers (account numbers), whereas I cannot manage without them. One of my colleagues migrated from desktop to QuickBooks Online and has no numbers. If I ask her a question such as where does she put such and such, she gives me a name and I have to search for it. I have to believe the national is very happy with QuickBooks Online as they have been supporting it for many years.
I cannot compare my medical billing program, but I have used quicken at home for years--decades!. I manage my home, three checking accounts, two LLCs, and my father's estate with my quicken. QuickBooks Online is a much more powerful program with robust features that my boss uses to full advantage. If a payment or process can be "Auto" then he wants it. Credit cards, bill payments, whatever. I was fearful at first, but I learned to like the convenience. I was always afraid of identity theft or fraud. I believe that QuickBooks Online is a very secure program with many features to prevent such a thing, but I don't know what they are. At least I hope that it has those features.
It is well suited when paying bills, and when [you] need specific categories to classify purchases and services. Reports feature is super! I can find any type of information that I need; however, it isn't always intuitive.
I wish that I could create my columns in reports. When I want to print on paper, landscape, the print is so darn small that even the accountant complains.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Bank reconciliation
Regulations compliance
Journals and Reconciliations
Credit card processing
Standard reports
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Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability

QuickBooks Online Advanced Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Escalation required
My national company purchased this QuickBooks Online for the franchises and support was included.
There are almost too many to count. I keep a list of the agent name and case number of the outstanding agents. But you want something specific.
This is almost embarrassing, but the agent who introduced me to "Rules" created a dreamlike moment. Why didn't I know about this?! How things can fall into place like magic. That was number 1.
Number 2: when we learned that the national wanted to have "Location" for every entry - I thought it had to be done manually, and had been doing so, which was quite a slog because I had to back fill so many. Can you imagine the rainbows and hearts and prancing unicorns that appeared when she showed me where to add "Location" in rules already in place and in general for every transaction? Yes sir, that was exceptional customer support.