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Overall Satisfaction with SAP Ariba Procurement

We joined Ariba’s Procure to Pay solution for the Direct PO and Indirect
process. Employees in the US and UK, PL, France are already using
Ariba, they are benefiting from improved service delivery, process
standardization and simplification, as well as increased compliance.
  • Streamlined Invoice approval process.
  • Automatic document exchange for Ariba Network Enabled suppliers.
  • Streamlined and simplified Purchase Requisition and Invoice approval process
  • New system for creating Indirect Purchase Requisitions – SAP will no longer be used for that process - simplification
  • New system for Indirect Goods Receipt – SAP will no longer be used for that process - simplification
  • Generally this is not an issue with ARIBA, however this is difficult for smaller business to join ARIBA (costs) and the process is not that effective as can be. IN fact there are two way of working with and without the ARIBA
  • If there is a wrong information the invoice will not migrated to the payment system.
  • Sometimes there are issues with the invoices when they get submitted by the customers, which cause delay in getting them paid.
  • At first but only at first it can be hard to navigate the system and get everything set up.
  • Positive impact - definitely one database and much easier way of working.
  • Positive impact - electronic invoices, eliminate paper invoices
  • Negative impact - good to do a pre research, how many our suppliers will be able to use ARIBA, what are our expectations vs reality. If not a lot will be able to join the impact will be not that big
I will recommend ARIBA however some good points related with ContractWorks (which I do not have such a big experience with)
  • it has powerful automation features that reduce the administrative load of users.
  • its entire storage system is searchable so users can find the data they need with ease.
  • administrators can set unique access permissions for each user.

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