It basically stores all data we have in different formatted reports. Essential for any reporting and analysis we need to do.
Updated October 01, 2019

It basically stores all data we have in different formatted reports. Essential for any reporting and analysis we need to do.

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Overall Satisfaction with SAP Business Warehouse

It is used daily across the whole organization. As I understand, SAP BW is like a powerful platform where you process the data and allow users to access it. The data comes through different filters, error monitoring, and then comes to SAP BW. Users then access this data through different reports, depending on what type of data they need and their access rights. Data is updated daily. It is like the backbone to all the reporting, controlling, and analysis that we are doing. With hundreds of reports designed to fit the needs of all Departments in the organization, you can technically see everything (if you have enough access rights).
  • There are a lot of drill-downs where you can dig deeper into the data. My favorite feature is the ability to Drill-down and swap this filter with another one. It's very useful for analysis when you can quickly pick one of the items you want to analyze and then just add more filters to see from different perspectives.
  • It basically stores everything, all the data from Finance, Procurement, etc. So you can see everything (I mean everything) with enough access rights.
  • It can be accessed via SAP Business Objects, and is therefore quite useful if you need to generate reports monthly/daily. You just need to insert the data source from SAP BW once, format the data, and do calculations on it. The next time, you just open that file and refresh the data. Your format and calculations will be updated with updated data.
  • The loading speed is okay, but not so great when you need to load or analyze a big amount of data.
  • The User Interface is not so user-friendly. There are too many filters and you cannot hide them (because it's designed by the back-end team, I think).
  • In order to go to your report (that is formatted in the way you want), you have to access the standard report and then start customizing it. It takes quite some time. There is an option where you can set your report template in case you want to create a variation for your personalized report. But there are still some limitations to it.
  • It saves a lot of time. I can only guess (because the organization is so big) and just imagine there is no BW. Each of the subsidiaries has to store data/analyze it and send it to the HQ (manually). Whenever somebody needs data, he/she has to ask the local companies, which is very time-consuming.
  • Without SAP BW, the data that users receive might even be wrong, because there is no error monitoring, etc.
  • The workload of each colleague would be crazily high, because he/she not only needs to do analysis, but also needs to check if the data is correct. And with all the foreign currency conversion, it would be crazy.
There are some other internal reporting tools (web version) that are apart from SAP BW. In comparison, SAP BW takes less time to load, and the drill-down and swap filters are much easier and faster to use. I have to click through more links to get to the report, in comparison to SAP BW.
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform, Jabber, Snagit, Tableau Desktop
It basically stores all data I need in designed reports, which helps a lot with the analysis and calculation.
It's quite interactive when you understand reports and know how to drill-down/swap. Fresh users might need some training. There are quite a lot of options to display data differently, or to add more filters in data as well as to extract the data in xlsx/csv/html format.
It's not a valid question for SAP BW. Because it stores basically all the data we have. To get to the data, you need to access the SAP BW, and there are no other options.
I cannot imagine a scenario where we don't use it. So I guess it is always well-suited.