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Updated June 12, 2019

SAP ERP for all kind of sizes company.

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Overall Satisfaction with SAP ERP

I do use SAP ERP in my job daily, I'm SAP ERP basis netweaver consultant with more than five years on it. It can be said that I am a SAP ERP system administrator. I've worked with many kinds of companies and from little systems with 50 users, to big systems with 2000 users. It is hard work, but the system is very secure, you can manage many processes of the company with the speed and the strength of a database like Oracle, SQL Sever, Hana, it can be done with a high level work of security and roles, they speed up mane process of finance, cost, warehouse, and you know that you will have worldwide support wiht the best brand of europe SAP.
  • It can be integrated with other systems at SAP, so there's no problem, the customer will not lose their way to work, they will improve it.
  • You will have the number 1 system for your process, it is very customizable, so you will be sure it is adapted to the need of the company.
  • The customer will have a support all the time 24/7 that it gives confidence that their operations will not be stopped.
  • On it you can speed up the process on CO, Finance, and many other features that you won't find on other ERP system.
  • Integration with many more kinds of software not just SAP -- Such as Microsoft, open source, etc.
  • They could improve front end speed of interaction, sometimes it becomes slow and not responsive.
  • They should do better their first release of a software, called SP00. usually, it comes with some bugs and missing stuff.
  • Possitive impact of investment because if the system if fully implemented, you will save money on better processes, even on people working on it.
  • Negative can be that it takes a very long time to implement it, it can be a year or more, depending on the company and its process.
  • Negative thing can be it is a bit expensive, starting with consulting time, which is the most expensive thing about it in the beginning.
  • Possitive if you are on a plan on expand your business, you need a world leader ERP that support your operations.
SAP ERP is implemented on the company because its complete and fills on the company needs, it is very stable and has a good support.
If you are a media company with many big processes that you can't handle anymore and you don't know how to centralize the work, sap ERP would be perfect, you will see how controlled you can have your process, and all your users with have permission to do exactly what they need to do, it is good for security.

SAP ERP Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Inventory tracking
Automatic reordering
Location management
Manufacturing module
Order entry
Credit card processing
Cost of goods sold
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
Salary revision and increment management
Reimbursement management
Standard reports
Custom reports
API for custom integration
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability