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Review: "SAS Enterprise Miner is the easiest machine learning tool out there" Enterprise MinerUnspecified9.43101
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January 08, 2019

Review: "SAS Enterprise Miner is the easiest machine learning tool out there"

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Overall Satisfaction with SAS Enterprise Miner

SAS Enterprise Miner is being used across the department for predictive analytics and advanced modeling. I think the flow diagrams make SAS Enterprise Miner the best software out there for producing reproducible forecasts and analytics across multiple users. In addition to predictive modeling, there is also advanced modeling comprising the machine learning, logit, ensemble modeling, and other techniques.
  • The flow diagram combined with point-and-click make SAS Enterprise Miner easy to learn and apply in practice.
  • The ability to convert the drag-and-drop models into actual SAS code makes customization easier, although not foolproof-easy.
  • I think perhaps the most desirable aspect of SAS Enterprise Miner is its ability to create ensemble models, and then the straightforward way of evaluating ensemble modeling.
  • With large data sets, SAS Enterprise Miner sometimes takes a long time to run. Sometimes you have to just leave your computer running while Enterprise Miner does its thing.
  • If you want complete control over the modeling framework, you have to take what Enterprise Miner does and customize it. SAS seems to be working hard on making things easier to customize, but it's not completely there yet.
  • The graphic capabilities of SAS Enterprise Miner leave a lot to be desired, especially in the era of self-service business intelligence software.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner improved our forecasting models. I don't think competing software could have accomplished what we did with SAS Enterprise Miner in as little time.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner isn't cheap. The high cost makes it harder to justify the return on investment. Luckily for us, SAS Enterprise Miner makes it so easy to perform machine learning and ensemble models that the costs were justified.
  • Sometimes it takes time figuring out what SAS Enterprise Miner is doing. If you're a newbie to analytics, SAS Enterprise Miner is a great starting point as long as you're willing to figure out what SAS is doing. Taking Enterprise Miner's word for it didn't work sometimes.
I think SAS Enterprise Miner has three advantages. The software is the easiest of any to implement ensemble modeling and other machine learning models. The second advantage is the ability to connect Enterprise Miner activities to other software. The third advantage is the ease of reproducing results. On the con side, Enterprise Miner is expensive and requires a commitment to figure out SAS black box.
SAS Enterprise Miner is well-suited for situations where advanced analytics are needed. The software is particularly useful when you need to compare the reliability of, say, Support Vector Machines versus Random Forests. The ensemble modeling capabilities are unsurpassed. Implementing predictive models is also straight-forward.

SAS Enterprise Miner Feature Ratings

Connect to Multiple Data Sources
Extend Existing Data Sources
Automatic Data Format Detection
MDM Integration
Interactive Data Analysis
Interactive Data Cleaning and Enrichment
Data Transformations
Data Encryption
Built-in Processors
Multiple Model Development Languages and Tools
Automated Machine Learning
Single platform for multiple model development
Self-Service Model Delivery
Flexible Model Publishing Options
Security, Governance, and Cost Controls