Don't be afraid to Scale your virtual environment
March 02, 2019

Don't be afraid to Scale your virtual environment

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Overall Satisfaction with Scale Computing HC3

Scale Computing HC3 is being used across the whole organization. The previous virtual hardware and environment were at the end of their lives. The processing power, performance, and storage capability were not adequate to continue production. Multiple vendors, devices and integration caused the prospect of migrating to a newer current virtual system to be overwhelming. Scale computing solved the problem with one vendor, one stackable device, and built-in integration.
  • Initial setup and configuration was simple and straight forward. It was actually less than two hours from unboxing equipment to creating virtual servers in a live environment.
  • Scale's dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand. Management of the system is level one simple. Monitoring performance and capacity of the stack is a single screen, simple and powerful tools.
  • Backup and recovery of the servers and data is a hidden strength of Scale. Replication between the two Scale stacks is "Amazon Easy", a few clicks to select, schedule and submit. Monitoring progress and verifying status are all done from the dashboard, plus email notification of events if there are any issues.
  • Built-in remote support by Scale was very valuable. Being US-based and having knowledgeable engineers, any issue can be quickly diagnosed and corrected. No need to create reports or download and send event logs. Scale support can see exactly what you are seeing on the stack.
  • Scale Product delivery was also impressive. Yes, it's just a box you will eventually throw away, but the Scale Suitcases were easy to handle, unpack and provided secure transport of the stacks. Very nice touch.
  • The only issue was the migration from other virtual environment required third-party software for advanced configurations (multiple partitions). As great as the Scale system is, providing an easier experience of moving off other virtual systems with built-in tools would be a bonus.
US-based, knowledgeable Scale engineers who know the system in and out, are the front line support when you call into Scale. Built-in remote access by the support team, which the end user controls the access. This is very important for your third party vendor management. End user clicks one button and the support team has access to the system for quick troubleshooting.
For a financial institution, the core banking system is mission critical. Scale Computing HC3 was loaded with the application, database and production servers to operate the in-house core banking system. As the core required adjustments for storage, memory or performance, the ease to which the Scale system accomplished this was remarkable. Most often these adjustments were completed with no downtime thanks to Scale's capabilities.
  • The choice of a Scale system was a positive impact on the Bank's business objectives. A higher capacity and greater performance Scale system was 58% less than a three host plus storage array traditional virtual environment. And the Scale system included a secondary cluster for replication and offsite disaster recovery.
  • Management and monitoring of the Scale stack from the single dashboard resulted in a 70% reduction in staff's time devoted to the previous virtual environment management and monitoring.
  • Zero percent hardware downtime equals 100% uptime for production and functionality.
Multiple vendors, multiple systems, multiple contracts, multiple licenses, maintenance and support, all gone with a Scale Computing HC3 system. One system, one vendor, one support, fewer headaches and problems to solve. Devote your time to running the business and not minding the infrastructure. Scale made it an easy choice to build a virtual environment.
Scale is well suited for the 1-10 employee small business to the 1000+ and beyond. The SMB that could benefit from a virtual environment but may think they are too small for it to be feasible, is very well suited for a Scale stack. Large enterprise businesses are well suited as the Scale stacks can grow with a company. The powerful yet simplistic management of the system means fewer man-hours are required to operate and they are freed up for other projects. Scale would be less appropriate in an organization with other virtual certification holders unwilling to discover the powerful system and ease of use until the price and performance are made known to management.