NPM just works
Justin Czachor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated August 29, 2019

NPM just works

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

We have over 40 buildings and we use NPM to monitor traffic between our locations and determine if there are issues at our different sites. We also use it to generate reports for use with determining need and future and past traffic stats. This helps to determine if we need to increase throughput to different sites or if there is an anomaly that needs to be looked at.
  • The interface is really well-designed. It's pretty intuitive and easy to work with.
  • I like the map editor. It works well in creating maps and having an overall view of your sites.
  • I like the customization of the pages where you can change the layouts.
  • I don't like building reports. It seems bulky to find what I'm looking for when browsing for different objects.
  • I found it impossible to create a custom SNMP check. It may be due to my lack of knowledge, but it was difficult and SolarWinds was no help.
We have not used NetPath and it might be something worth looking into. However, we don't have a ton of hybrid or cloud environments. So it's really not something we would likely use heavily. So we enjoy using Network Performance Monitor and don't see any need to expand it out into further monitoring with NetPath.
We don't use this either. It might again be something worth looking into. But our environment is pretty static and doesn't change often so it might not be really necessary for us. We don't require 24/7 monitoring of most of our systems, so looking into in-depth monitoring monitoring is not what we're going to do.
We use this. It works well with the pre-defined alerts. We just had a discussion about an alarm that popped up from a pre-defined alert. We like how easy they are to apply to multiple devices and how easy it is to configure the alerts to be sent out. It just works easily.
  • We are able to proactively monitor different types of things on our network.
  • It works well with the alerts and giving us the information that we need.
  • SolarWinds IP Address Manager
We really like how all of the Solarwinds products work together. Many of the different pieces of software are very inter operable and work really good. I like being able to go from Web Help Desk, to IP Address Manager, to Network Performance Manager and many of the interfaces are very similar or the same.
I personally have never used anything else other than NPM. It is just simple and works well. In a past environment we used Nagios but I did not administer Nagios. I am not a Linux admin and the setup and management of Nagios would not be advantageous to me in our environment.
It's a great 'drop it in, set it up, and forget about it' type of network monitor. It doesn't require a ton of upkeep, maintenance, or daily work. It just does not require the type of attention that some other network monitors require. The email updates work well. If you just need something that works and doesn't need a ton of work, this is for you.

SolarWinds NPM Feature Ratings

Automated network device discovery
Network monitoring
Baseline threshold calculation
Network capacity planning
Packet capture analysis
Network mapping
Customizable reports
Wireless infrastructure monitoring
Hardware health monitoring

SolarWinds NPM ROI Questions

This has helped us with our bandwidth usage between buildings. Because we are able to see how much of our total bandwidth is allocated between buildings we are able to help plan and identify growth and future needs for inter-site bandwidth requirements. We are also able to track down issues on single ports based on port utilization.
Time saved per person per week: 9-12 hours - We have been able to find single users who are using an outside the normal amount of bandwidth on a single port. Because we are able to track these to a single port it allows us to be able to use this information in conjunction with our firewall's information to find that single user.

Using SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

2 - We are both in Information Technology and we use these products to manage the network and make sure that our network traffic has some monitoring going on. We especially use the bandwidth monitor tool to monitor the traffic going to the internet and going between our WAN sites to ensure that our hardware is working properly.
1 - I am the only person that supports Network Performance Monitor. We don't use it as a key piece of our department. It is a supplemental piece of our department and of our network team because don't need to worry about it. It is very simple and only requires a basic knowledge of SNMP to configure this.
  • Bandwidth monitoring between sites
  • Comparing Internet bandwidth that is reported by our ISP to what we see
  • Monitor bandwidth for specific applications
  • Monitor SNMP events from network devices
It works really well. It does not have any fancy bells and whistles that can complicate an application. It just works well for the applications that you need it to do. It monitors SNMP traps and bandwidth and it shows you the information you need in a timely manner without issues.