SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Review
Nate Nettrouer | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 27, 2019

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Review

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

We use it in the IT department for maintenance and monitoring our environment. For maintenance, we use the information given to know which servers to go in and do some quick maintenance on to help ensure they are performing at peak efficiency. As for the monitoring, the alerts we have setup help us ensure things are running smoothly.
  • The plugin and cohesiveness between Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Database Performance Monitoring (DPA) greatly increase our DBA's time management.
  • It allows us to easily drill down into an issue and helps us see the root cause of the issue. Whether it is hardware related or on the application/software related.
  • It helps gives us very nice statistical information so we can see trends in multiple areas.
  • Not really sure. We are very pleased with its functionality, and it is fairly easy and straight forward on its use.
Currently, we use this strictly on-premises. This has assisted us in troubleshooting issues with various in-house applications and web applications that we have designed. The drill-down feature makes it easy to get to the root cause and start remediation of the issue quicker, with a lot less guess work. The broad spectrum of different applications or servers it works with is very nice.
Yes, one of the main alerts we have on our system is if specific applications take too long to respond. It is very helpful to see how the application performance is affected by the server performance and have multiple areas of performance to look at and compare. It helps us to know is it the network between our servers/locations, is it the database or perhaps is it the lack of memory on the server itself.
Yes, on serval occasions we have made use of SAM for the drill-down feature on one of our applications. In different situations, it has helped us see that we needed to give a specific virtual server more RAM and CPU. In several instances, it helped us prove that the network was running slow due to how long it was taking for our application to get the required information back to another server. The added insight into the server statistics helps us see what is going on with our server.
  • One of the biggest areas of ROI is for our DBA, with the combination of SAM and DPA we have been able to streamline the maintenance and troubleshooting of applications. On several instances, it has taken us probably less than 5 minutes to tell supervisors where the issue lies when something is not working.
  • The second area that it helps is helping us see trends on our servers to know if we need to address specific areas of growth to ensure continued productivity and smooth operations.
  • Initially this was not part of our "initial" purchase with SolarWinds, however, now it is definitely one of the core SolarWinds modules that are used on a daily basis to assist in monitoring our network.
We currently use the following modules from SolarWinds:
Network Performance Monitor, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Server Application Monitor, Database Performance Analyzer, IP Address Manager, Network Configuration Manager, User Device Tracker

The integration of SAM with the other modules helps us ensure that we are looking at the complete information to make knowledgeable decisive decisions regarding different situations.
I have not tested or used other software that would compare to Server and Application Monitor.
It does a very nice job giving you several ways to display your information. If you are more on the database side, you can see how it interacts/shows your SQL database statistics. If you are more on the web side, the interface for IIS is well done. Finally, if you are on the hardware side (like me), it gives us very good information regarding our server environment.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Feature Ratings

Application monitoring
Database monitoring
Threshold alerts
Predictive capabilities
Application performance management console
Collaboration tools
Out-of-the box templates to monitor applications
Application dependency mapping and thresholding
Virtualization monitoring
Server availability and performance monitoring
Server usage monitoring and capacity forecasting
IT Asset Discovery