Integration, Holistic, Leverage, Strategic: What other words could possibly make this title catchier?
February 06, 2015

Integration, Holistic, Leverage, Strategic: What other words could possibly make this title catchier?

Lloyd Baker, MBA, SPHR | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Allstate made a deliberate decision to implement across the enterprise at staggered roll-out of various SuccessFactors (SF) modules within the last few years. At first, we stood up the Goals, Performance, Calibration (or Talent Assessment/9-box), Succession, and Analytics modules. We wanted to focus on beginning the change-journey toward a different performance management mindset. We're now implementing the Recruiting model. In the last year, we've also moved our global workforce to the platform.

The roll-out was meant to help address several business problems, some of which included (a) having no centralized repository of the multiple talent data-points that could be easily leveraged at the enterprise level; (b) silo-ed or disjointed approaches to evaluating talent; (c) disconnected talent data, elements of which were captured in time-intensive sessions only to be used episodically or seasonally; and (d) prima facie decision-making that lacked strong correlation or even predictive strength.

We currently use the tool to help us dive into a more frequent cadence of feedback sessions that utilize a holistic viewpoint of talent, from performance, to potential, to development and succession, to the rewards associated with success.
  • The system leverages best practices to make it easy for first time users to begin applying the concepts immediately.
  • The interface is fairly intuitive, enables some customization, and brings together key elements to make them easily accessible.
  • The integration of modules makes it easy to quickly form a holistic view of talent.
  • The system doesn't make the use of the Analytics component easy on the end user. It takes data-savvy, tech-oriented individuals time enough to find and manipulate the data, let alone the overwhelmed manager in the business.
  • The back-end environment makes it tough to do some innovative things sometimes. For example, though Talent Pools are a great concept, the way in which SuccessFactors envisions their use and display compared to the way some of us at Allstate envision their use and display, limits the way we can leverage this feature in the tool.
  • Faster and more robust consideration of senior leaders for new opportunities.
  • Better recognition of key skill gaps at mid-management levels.
  • More efficient process tying compensation rewards with talent data and talent movement.
I suggest spending a good amount of time reflecting and directing questions internally.

1. Do we have robust processes already that SuccessFactors can enhance? SuccesFactors is an enabler, so if the answer is no to the first part of the question, then I'd say "no" to acquiring least, until one can say yes to the first part.

2. What will happen with our current talent data, our current platform? Will SuccessFactors replace it? Will it overlay and integrate with it? Make sure there's a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the approach you want to take.

3. Are we committed to innovation and change? Not only does this related to the first implementation of the system and its impacted to culture from the get-go; it also relates to the ongoing commitment to keep up with the advances in the talent space. SF commits to do this and updates its systems regularly.

4. Are we ready to expect and enable our end users to be owners of the tool too? SF places a lot of power in the users' hands. Will our organization empower and expect the end users to become proficient and fully leverage it?

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