SuccessFactors Performance Management Review
August 01, 2016

SuccessFactors Performance Management Review

Sierra Hirschi | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SAP SuccessFactors Learning

SuccessFactors was used at AutoPoint as our performance management tool. We did performance reviews for every 6 months and also at every employees anniversary date with the company. These helped managers see employees goals through out the year and at the end of the year to see if they fulfilled all their goals. We used the results of the performance review to give merit increases where needed and also to assess where improvement plans needed to be put in place.


  • They are organized in their set up on their user interface.
  • Generating a Performance review to be sent out is a fairly simple/easy task to do.
  • Generating Reports on who has completed or not completed performance reviews is a simple/quick task.


  • Their customer service is non existent. When calling into their customer service you can never get a hold of anyone. You will stay on hold for 30 minutes and then the line will hang up on you. If you ever do get a hold of customer service they forward you all over the place til eventually the line gets disconnected and you are at the same place you were when you tried to call in the first place.
  • They do not offer any onsite training without paying a arm and a leg to have them come in. They offer only web seminars but you can go through a hour of seminar without getting an answer to the question you have.
  • Getting a password reset is a joke. Its a very hard task to do.
  • They are constantly having problems with their software sending emails telling the user they are working on fixing it. They send these 1-3 times a week!
  • Negative Impact: Never could reach customer service to have questions answered so they were never solved.
  • Negative Impact: We ended up not using this software anymore because of frustration, which in return we ended up losing money.
  • Negative Impact: Managers frustrated because of the difficulty in using the software, which in turn made them frustrated with HR and they ended up going a different route of doing performance reviews.
  • Negative impact: Performance Reviews were not getting completed due to difficulties which in return made merit increases and evaluations postponed.
We currently are looking for a new Performance plan software. We are looking into using UltiPro which so far looks like it is going to be a lot more effective and user friendly. SuccessFactors was put in place when I joined the company. As far as I can tell the reason why it was chosen is because at the time it was one of the only performance tracking software.
I would not recommend SuccessFactors to any colleague because it was the most frustrating software to use. Out of all the software I use in my line of work, SuccessFactors is my least favorite. When I was hired at my company they were already using SuccessFactors, the person before me was already gone so she could not train me. After several weeks of trying to get a hold of SuccessFactors they final told me that I could go on webinars. These webinars were not helpful because I had no idea what they were talking about in the first place. On top of that they have several different functions and a lot of the functions they were explaining were not included in the package our company purchased. Their onsite training was way expensive, so not a option for my company. I could never get a hold of customer service, I would stay on hold until the line disconnected for a hour or so. When getting a hold of someone they transferred me from department to department until eventually the line disconnected. I had to self teach myself on pretty much everything we used in SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors Feature Ratings

Performance plans
Performance improvement plans
Review status tracking
Review reminders
Multiple review frequency
Create succession plans/pools
Candidate ranking
Candidate search
Candidate development
New hire portal
Manager tracking tools
Corporate goal setting
Individual goal setting
Line-of sight-visibility
Performance tracking
Not Rated
Job Requisition Management
Not Rated
Company Website Posting
Not Rated
Publish to Social Media
Not Rated
Job Search Site Posting
Not Rated
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Not Rated
Applicant Tracking
Not Rated
Notifications and Alerts
Not Rated


  • Michelle Htun-Kay | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Good honest comment. Thanks for sharing. At any point before you left SuccessFactors, did someone contact you to talk about how to improve your companies experience, how to put in place a roadmap to improving the user and admin experience or to put in place physical training/support? Would that have made a difference to you? Curious, especially since the SuccessFactors implementation would have cost your company quite a lot.

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