Good product with few areas of improvement
Updated November 28, 2018

Good product with few areas of improvement

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO BusinessWorks

TIBCO BusinessWorks is used at the project account level in the organization I am working in. With TIBCO BusinessWorks, integrating various applications is easy. Also, it helps reduce rework whenever an integrated application gets upgraded or modified.

Development and maintenance work are much easier when compared to integrations made with programming languages like Java. Even people with average skills can understand this tool within one month. I recommend every organization use TIBCO for integration when the main concern is quick development.
  • User-friendly Tool
  • Implementing new business functionality with TIBCO is quick when compared to java
  • Easy maintenance
  • Secure
  • Additional custom activities like word search and replace
  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
In Person Training is more efficient way of getting knowledge. Where the training conducted was a kind of workshop where concepts are explained and live usage of application is practiced. This help me to work from day one with huge confidence and also molded me as good TIBCO developer. Also I have show huge interest in self learning and referred blogs over internet and started developing basic application. When a real time challenge came, i showcased my ability i gained through training.
  • License cost is huge , so small business will hesitate to use TIBCO as free software is available in the marketplace
It is true that time to production cycle is short. TIBCO ESB is leader from this perspective.
Mapping fields are a little complex when the schema (XSD) is complex. I would really appreciate it if TIBCO worked on this.
While doing unit testing at designer level, if provision to generate automated reports is provided, it helps significantly.
Current market is competitive. Where we have mulesoft post head to head challenge to TIBCO. But TIBCO has advantage like good TIBCO support and stability of the product proves itself as a reliable product of integration.
Appropriate for integrating applications like mainframe and SharePoint( Webservice).

Inappropriate for data flow via a GUI, where the request flows through an ESB that fetches info from a DB. Because I see some organization uses TIBCO BusinessWorks for reconciliation portal implementation, where BusinessWorks is not the best choice.

Innovation, Integration and Support

Tibco support deliver solution in Time.
TIBCO has good User Interface for developing applications(designer). And implementing webservice is very easy when compared to java webservice implementation.
  • Automating Deployments. With the help of App Manage commands provided by TIBCO, code refresh is made easy and it can be scheduled. Functionality like this helps business move to a DevOps model.
  • With readily available APIs like Facebook, Twitter (which were provided by TIBCO, thinking well ahead), clients expressed their interest to implement them to attract their customers.
  • Mainframe
  • SharePoint
  • .Net
  • DB(Oracle 12c)
We have extensively worked on application integration. Mostly we don't find it hard because we have plugins/palates.

Using TIBCO BusinessWorks

30 - Integration. Implemented TIBCO's BusinessWorks to integrate applications and allow core application to get modified / added / removed as per business needs, without disturbing integrated complex applications.
30 - Average knowledge on using GUI. Tibco Admin is gift to support engineers.
Little knowledge on configuring hawk rules is required.
Ability to understand concepts is mandatory
  • Popular in market, so hiring technical staff is not hard.
  • Good support form TIBCO in case of technical issues
  • Strong technology which gained trust in market
  • Large number of APIs , to serve your business.
Because of business requirements, Already business requirements were met. Hence, based on business, use of BW may be renewed.

Evaluating TIBCO BusinessWorks and Competitors

Yes - Java is used to integrate applications for our client. However, ass aspects like 'Timeline to production readiness' and quick 'implementation cycle' became more important, TIBCO BusinessWorks came into the picture.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
Product features: Stating from development to production deployment / maintenance , TIBCO provides the best too in the market. Also 24/7 technical support.
Will scrutinize the product based on price, as there are now open source (trustworthy) products on the market.

TIBCO BusinessWorks Implementation

Yes - Agile methodology
Change management was minimal - NA
  • Behaved differently when EMS activities are used. This is not TIBCO's fault. It is the fault of developer.
  • Some Global Variables are missed to update in production
  • Performance tuning

TIBCO BusinessWorks Training

Covered all concepts with hands on experience
Not efficient. If we face any issue , we will be left alone to struck where we are.

Configuring TIBCO BusinessWorks

TIBCO allows all possible way to configure right from installation to application CICD
Always use app manage commands and DevOps tools to stage and deploy application. Which reduces repeated task where be waste man power
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - We have a dedicated java/framework team to push custom codes. Which is a requirement from client.
Few xpath functions for generation unique ID, replace in a string

TIBCO BusinessWorks Support

Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We were planing to move an application to production environment. But to due to some installation issues, REST plugins were throwing errors in PreProduction environment. With small period of time we have to find the solution before moving to production. Where TIBCO support team jumped into the issue and help with solution in short period of time.

Using TIBCO BusinessWorks

Call process option allows you to call a functionality for any no of time and place
Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • WebService Implemenation
  • Plugins of DB and Restfull services
  • SSL configuration
  • Addition client specific requirements. Like customized xpath functions. Where you need java knowledge. Some sort of user interface to generate 1000+ standard xpath functions will be very useful.
Yes - API. Mobile interface can be integrated. Were i have implemented many functionalities for **** BANK mobile applications.

TIBCO BusinessWorks Reliability

you can deploy the application on any no of servers and scale your application
Some time it goies down due to server maintenance. We have hawk monitoring to get alerts
Admin is fast enough to see live logs and running application, provided Hawk is running correctly.

Integrating TIBCO BusinessWorks

  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
develop application with is reusable and configurable by updating GV

Relationship with TIBCO Software Inc.

Upgrading TIBCO BusinessWorks

Yes - Yes, upgrade form 5.10 to 5.12. We didn't faced much issue. As we opened 5.10 code in 5.13 and corrected error. easy piece of migration.
  • extended TIBCO support
  • Lift time support and new features
Yes - Just of support from TIBCO and addition plugin options