Scribe your integration for success!
Updated December 03, 2019

Scribe your integration for success!

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

We currently use TIBCO Cloud Integration, specifically Scribe, to integrate with our on-prem CRM and cloud marketing automation. We were wary of using the built-in integration due to the fact that they would have separate databases to write data back and forth. If we left that cloud marketing automation, we would have a hard time breaking the integration. We are using this primarily in IT for the marketing department but it benefits the entire company from sales to manufacturing to installation and service.
  • Scribe allows integration to our CRM and Marketo.
  • Having partners that know the solution very well and who are very informative.
  • Having agents for on-prem is very helpful.
  • There are some issues with different browsers that could be improved.
  • More details on the error messages, so that they are actually helpful to end users.
  • More logging/reporting options.
  • Huge ROI. Sales and quality leads are up significantly with the Scribe, CRM, and Marketo integration.
  • It allows us to use it with future projects (SMS, IoT).
  • Have yet to have a negative impact yet.
  • CRM integration with Marketo
  • Future sms integration
2 - Information Technology and Marketing currently but will roll out to Install and Service with future sms project.
We have used the old on prem scribe prior to cloud based and it was very helpful for nav and crm integrations
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
  • Third-party Reviews
Biggest thing for us was it needs to be non intrusive.
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
It was very beneficial to have the 3rd part partner guide and train us on our journey with scribe. We still have the odd issue that they are able to give insight or fix for us and teach us what and why etc. Having some experience with the product isa must and the instructor / 3rd party consultant we had was very insightful and knew his stuff.
With the use of scribe online we are able to integrate our crm with Marketo without the use of their (marketo) native integration which was very intrusive. I think by using scribe we are able to have the option to sever ties with marketo without the need to re-deploy our crm.
Our current successes with scribe has been in the ability to quickly develop leads from online to crm and convert to sales. Without this integration we would have to manually import our leads and this was very time consuming. Our lead count is up drastically and the integration very rarely has had any issues.
We have used Scribe in the past (on-prem) and it was very helpful for a lot of scenarios, so I cannot imagine very many that it would not be beneficial. We are looking into Scribe to power our future SMS projects.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Support for real-time and batch integration
Not Rated
Monitoring console

TIBCO Cloud Capabilities

No, but I cannot recall a bad experience.
  • we haven't had any eureka moments with that but looking forward to using it wherever we can

Evaluating TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe) and Competitors

Yes - Scribe on prem, we replaced it for better features and less compute resources needed on prem.

Learnings and Advice

We haven't deployed yet but are planning on developing a web based sms calendar for our Service and Installation team that automatically delivers sms messages for install dates etc.
We utilized 3rd party support that had experience with both vendors and it was very beneficial. There were times we had issues with the product where the Scribe/Marketo support was unable to assist due to limitations on exporting of json strings and full requests but the 3rd party support agent was able to assist us.
The tibco community was very helpful at time with troubleshooting,
We found some browsers to be better to use than others, I think the worst was chrome ironically enough. But making sure cache is not causing some issues that you are having..
I don't think the process would change, we would have still done the same.

Using TIBCO Cloud Integration core features

The ability to import and export json strings is probably the biggest thing we use, especially between the live and dev environments.
Not sure there is one yet that we haven't used that were very helpful for us.
Simple interface and drag and drop, with the ability to go into and build you own query is a big deal.

Using TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

2 - We have 2 network administrators with over 40 years of combined experience in IT. I would think our experience with SQL and web hosting / building helps a lot with troubleshooting issue we may come across.
  • SMS integration with our custom calendar we are building
  • anything with an API really that needs to talk with another system.
We have really enjoyed our relationship with scribe and their ability to maintain uptime and quickness to resolve issues that we have come across.

TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe) Training

We did not receive in person training

TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe) Support

Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Not Sure
Not sure if it is available or not...
Reporting for errors to be able to troubleshoot before having to escalate, sometimes the issue isn't an issue and scribe support can see any problems but we are having issues. Now mind you, this was very rare and we have not had very many.