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Overall Satisfaction with Todoist

I use Todoist to schedule all my tasks and meetings every single day. This simple app has completely eliminated written to-do lists from my life and helps me to stay organized and efficient. The two-way API integration lets you sync Todoist with your calendar app (like Google Calendar or Outlook for example) and also allows you to connect with calendar scheduling tools (like Acuity Scheduling or ScheduleOnce for example) so all your tasks and appointments come into one central location. Super easy to use and efficient.
  • Two-way API integration allows you to sync in real-time with your calendar and scheduling apps. The two-way API is super cool because whether you update a task in the Todoist app or in your calendar/scheduling tool, everything gets updated in real time on both Todoist and your other apps.
  • Organize and schedule tasks with and without times to make it clear and obvious what you need to do.
  • Different types of alerts and notifications that are easily customizable based on time (notify me at XYZ date and time) and location (notify me when I am in XYZ location).
  • Desktop and mobile app syncs in real time.
  • Easily create, edit, and organize projects so you can use Todoist for personal and work tasks without being confused.
  • Share tasks with other Todoist users to keep your team on the same page.
  • When scheduling an appointment with a time, Todoist only lets you choose a duration of 30 or 60-minute blocks that get synced to your calendar. There's no way to customize the task end time in Todoist if, for example, you only need a 15-minute task. The only way to edit your tasks is to create it in Todoist, then go to your calendar app (I use Google calendar) and edit the time of the event in the Google calendar.
  • Requires Zapier integrations in order to sync up with Task Management tools like Asana and Trello.
  • I think Todoist is better suited for individuals although the functionality is available natively in the app features and through Zapier to make it a great resource for a bigger team.
  • Massive positive ROI both financially and in terms of my stress levels.
  • I went from having notes all over the place written down on scraps of paper to having everything in one central location.
  • Having everything in one place makes it easier to locate things, saving me time and money.
  • And also, keeping everything organized lets me be more efficient, get more done, and have time for more money making activities and projects.
  • The quality of the work has improved because I'm not relying on memory for important deliverables and due dates.
I was new to using productivity apps so I wanted to start off with the simplest solution that was fastest to put into practice. I downloaded Todoist for free from the app store then upgraded after seeing the features I get for only ~$2/month. Now that I'm totally comfortable and excited about using Todoist and other productivity apps, I'm now adding to Todoist using integrations to other apps. So I wouldn't say that I chose Todoist instead of other productivity apps. I just chose it FIRST, and am now adding in integrations with task management and other apps to take my productivity to the next level.
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Todoist Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Gantt Charts
Not Rated
Workflow Automation
Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
Not Rated
Support for Waterfall Methodology
Not Rated
Document Management
Email integration
Mobile Access
Timesheet Tracking
Not Rated
Change request and Case Management
Not Rated
Budget and Expense Management
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not Rated
Project & financial reporting
Not Rated
Integration with accounting software
Not Rated