ALL the internet in one dashboard
July 29, 2016

ALL the internet in one dashboard

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Overall Satisfaction with Cision Communications Cloud

Currently, Cision Communications Cloud (Trendkite)* is used for PR measurement purposes.
We use it for:
- Clients: to create EOM or quarterly reports, in order to show primarily media coverage and share of voice.
- Prospects: to perform research on their coverage, targeted publications, and competitors.
- Research: we don't use it for this purpose as much. But I've found that the tool is useful to do research on a specific topic or something beyond traditional media coverage. For a prospect, we wanted to understand how an alliance with Facebook would impact their coverage. So we did research on a competitor and its alliance with Facebook to be able to do that projection.

*This review was written before Cision acquired TrendKite. TrendKite is now part of Cision Communications Cloud.
  • Reach: Cision is able to pull company mentions from every inch of the internet
  • Customer Service: Cision's customer service is highly responsive. They reply fast, and they often come up with solutions, that they implement by themselves.
  • Easy to use: The platform is incredibly friendly and very intuitive.
  • Media coverage: As of now Cision pulls company mentions or a mention of anything you add to the boolean search. Which means that you won't only get media coverage but every mention on the internet. When you want to report on media coverage results, this turns into a hassle. Over 30% of the mentions could be junk.
  • Tags: They recently released a tag feature. So you can manually tag a publication by media tiering. BUT, if you have a client with over 2,000 hits, this is extremely labor intensive.
  • Identifying media tiers: They have a Tier 1 filter, and you can also do this with tags. But, it's mostly manual work. If you want to analyzing the tiering in yoru coverage you'll have to do a lot of manual work before getting something reliable.
  • Human-dependant: Everything is tied down to do the boolean search. If you are an advance user you can add media lists there, to get only coverage from those, exclude pubs, exclude any mention that is being picked up by mistake, and so and so. But again, you can look to 6 hours to create a report, if you really want to make sure is accurate.
  • Downloading data: they have a limit of 1,000 hits. So if you want to create a report with a whole year of media mentions, downloading the data can take you some time.
  • Reports tab: On the main nav, when you go to the tab report, they are listed by title, and never by company. So if all your titles are quaterly report, EOM report, media coverage, and so, you won't be able to identify the report just by that. I always have to add my client's name to the title, even though the cover of the report has its logo. This interface could use some improvements.
  • Comparative reports: You can't compare time periods, the interface only allows you to pull data from a time period and look at that time period specifically. You can always create a different dashboard, and then compare it manually. But ideally you should be able to compare different time periods in the same dashboard, so it all goes to the same report.
If you're looking to track media coverage, but don't have a huge budget for a tool, this might be for you. There's manual work that goes into it. It pulls mentions that are not only media, but their support team can always help you improve the quality of the information. If you constantly work on your dashboards and keep an eye on those, every time you have to do a report it will be simpler. The reports that the tool creates are beautiful and interactive, and you can customize and add notes.
If you want to track media coverage for clients that get a lot of coverage, this tool is not for you. It will be too difficult to identify those hits that are strictly from media to those that are just junk. Excluding financial news can be tricky, even though they have a filter for it, it doesn't always work.

Transition from TrendKite to Cision Communications Cloud

Cision's support is awesome. If anything this is my favorite part of the tool. When something gets tricky they're my go-to team. They always have a fix, and they always help you do it. My favorite part is that they usually explain everything that is going on and what they did, so next time you can do it yourself. They reply within 5 minutes, or even less. Their are amazing.

Using Cision Communications Cloud

Cision Communications Cloud is very easy to use. If you get some training on how to use the boolean search, as well as some tricks from customer support, you're good to go. It's very intuitive and user-friendly.