Simple, efficient and effective solution for protecting Office365 data.
December 23, 2019

Simple, efficient and effective solution for protecting Office365 data.

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Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Our company uses Veeam for Office 365 to backup the entire Office 365 environment for all users in the organization. Many people mistakenly assume that Office 365 provides built-in protection for their data, IT DOESN'T! We were already a customer with Veeam Backup and Replication for our VMware environment so the Office 365 backup application was a natural fit for us. The interface is easy to use, integration to O365 was simple and straightforward and we already love the support team at Veeam so we were confident in the support we would receive for this application.


  • User interface: Simple, fast, intuitive, streamlined and just easy to use!
  • Simple Office 365 integration: No VPN needed for Azure, backup of all O365 components out of the box.


  • The biggest thing for me would be if it was integrated into Veeam Backup & Recovery so I didn't have to run 2 pieces of software.
  • Add in backup replication: currently, Veeam for Office 365 doesn't include options for backup replication to other storage or off-site. This means my B&R server has to run a backup of the Veeam for O365 server to get the backups off-site. Integrate with Veeam Backup & Recovery and this would be resolved.
  • Positive: Peace of mind. We now feel confident that our O365 data is safe.
  • Positive: Small investment for big insurance. Low-cost solution with very low implementation (labor) and maintenance (labor) cost.
The biggest step to realizing that we needed Veeam for Office 365 was when I inherited the environment and management had been told by previous IT staff that Office 365 automatically backs up their data. Once I explained Microsoft's "shared responsibility model" that shows Microsoft takes no responsibility for data safety or backup, the case was made.
Veeam for Office 365 is very simple to install, implement, link to Office 365 and get running. For an average mid-sized business I would estimate setup should take about an hour. Ongoing maintenance is very minimal as it generally just works. The only time I have to interact with the software is if I need to recover data for a user. The interface couldn't be much simpler and it is very intuitive.
Our organization has utilized Veeam for O365 several times to recover data that was either accidentally deleted by a current employee or maliciously deleted by an outgoing employee. Every time the process was simple, intuitive and fast. Depending on the amount of data that needed to be recovered, I usually have the data restored to its original state within 30 minutes of receiving the request for recovery.
Our restore requests so far have always been to restore data directly to the mailbox from where it was removed. this makes restores incredibly easy as there is no need to restore to external media then merge the data back into the mailbox. Eventually, I expect to use the other recovery storage options but I have not needed them yet to this point.
My primary goal is to have a solution that works, repeatably, simply, and requires little to no babysitting. Once I installed Veeam for O365 and got it online, the only maintenance it has required was a patch that was released by Veeam. This required a 15 minute maintenance window and we were then back online.
I compared Veeam to several competitors however I selected Veeam for O365 due to my experience with Veeam Backup & Recovery. I was experienced with Veeam's excellent technical support and its well-designed user interface. Many competitors did not have the large brand-name behind their product and didn't have the level of support I am used to receiving from Veeam.
Any time I have communicated with Veeam customer support, either for Veeam for O365 or for Veeam Backup & Recovery the support has been responsive and thorough. I did need to contact support for an issue affecting several mailboxes not backing up however this turned out to be an O365 permissions issue and not a veeam issue. However, Veeam support worked through resolving the permissions issue even though it was well outside of their responsibility. Veeam support stayed engaged until the backup job was running 100% even though the issue was not with their software.

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Anyone running an enterprise that relies on Office365 should consider Veeam for O365. Nobody is immune from data loss and this is a simple, easy to implement solution to protect your Office365 data. If you're already a Veeam Backup and Replication customer, it's a no-brainer to add this to your toolbelt. I have never met anyone who regretted having more backups.


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