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User Review: "VWO, The Complete Package."
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August 24, 2018

User Review: "VWO, The Complete Package."

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Overall Satisfaction with Visual Website Optimizer

VWO is used to help improve our web store products. As a SaaS company recently leaving the start-up world, we wanted to be scientific about the performance of our customer's web stores. VWO allows us to measure multiple domains and aggregate the data to get a better picture of average performance. We have several hundred stores spanning 40 brands, so in order to properly diagnose conversion rate performance, we decided to create a small group (like the S&P 500), and measure them. VWO helps us optimize conversion rates.
  • Goal Measurement. I enjoy the different objects you can target, and how easy they are to set up. Specifically, targeting elements and measuring their usage.
  • Survey Data. The survey data is very interesting. I do wish you could make the parameters for showing a survey more complex, but it works very well as is.
  • A/B Testing. I much preferred the UI layout of these screens over Google Optimize. It's easy to set markers utilizing goals and visualize the performance of variations.
  • A/B Testing Goals. Sometimes when I conduct an A/B test, I want to measure a goal I'm already tracking. However; I can't see these goals from the Test set up screen, so I end up having to recreate them. You might consider a method for adding them similar to the way funnels are built.
  • The documentation and integration with GA is under-stressed. GA is a staple for all web companies, so I might suggest working to integrate this better and bring it to the forefront. There are some measurements that are difficult to accomplish with VWO, such as conversion tracking or bounce rate.
  • I ran into constant problems distinguishing between https:// and http:// . I actually ended up just using "contains" with the url, which was less than ideal. I might suggest a better way to clarify this -OR- a setting that will accept either.
  • We've redesigned several pages as a result of A/B testing that I conducted. It's hard to judge the overall ROI because there are so many factors across our platform. But we can say with confidence that conversion rates on buttons such as "Add to Cart" increased as a result of our testing.
  • The leadership team fought against the idea of the survey data for some time. In their mind they had already talked to the end user, so it was a waste of time. One nice thing about VWO is how easy it was to build these Surveys. Because of the speed of implementation, I wasn't blocked from creating them, and we managed to learn many useful things from the results. A great example, is that our user's #1 request on the product page was for better images. We had suspected this, but VWO allowed us to quantify it with qualitative feedback.
  • Best ROI was probably finding the difference in funnel data between our old platform, and the newly released platform. By seeing that we had a higher drop off on the catalog pages on the new platform, we were able to target that area for diagnosis. Ultimately, the results here are related to bullet point 1.
The heatmapping software is great. Unfortunately we have a programmatically created catalog structure with millions of pages. Because of this, it's hard to gain insights over inner pages. For example, if I want to see how the Catalog Assembly pages are doing, I have to try to find one with enough traffic to gain heatmap insights from. The problem is, we couldn't very easily find these.

I don't know how this might be done, but maybe you guys can find a way to create an aggregate view for pages that have a matching regEx string. It would be nice to be able to see how all of the pages are performing together, even if it is less than ideal.
This answer is similar to the last answer. We had already done this kind of research on Hotjar, so we already had inclinations of our users pain points. Similarly, we had a difficult time targeting specific pages to watch videos with, and ultimately, by the time we switched to VWO, we did so so we could make inferences with data, and not recordings.
Unfortunately the engineering team has decided to strip all tracking scripts from our checkout pages, so we are not able to use form analysis at this time. Looks neat though!
VWO has more options, and a deeper engine for analysis. Unfortunately, I do wish they integrated better to pull data from GA as well.
VWO is great for funnel analysis, multiple domains, surveys and A/B testing of any kind. I really enjoy the way that you can build custom segments to separate groups of domains. This is useful if you're working with aggregate data like we are and you want to make a comparison. Surveys are easy to integrate, and their triggering can be customized sufficiently. A/B testing is a breeze, but I believe this has been mastered across other platforms as well.