All roads lead to Webex.
Updated October 09, 2020

All roads lead to Webex.

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Webex Meetings

We use Webex Meetings as our primary webinar and collaboration tool across our organization. We tried a variety of other platforms due to the cost of Webex, but in the end, we moved back to Webex Meetings due to the stability and ease of use that it provides. We had issues with outside users installing the client on other platforms or at times they weren't available. Webex Meetings just seems to work.
  • It is always available when we need it. Their availability is second to none.
  • People seem to grasp Webex Meeting's flow quickly and are able to get up and running quickly as a new user.
  • Once the meetings are up and running, they typically stay up and running.
  • The biggest and probably only downside to Webex Meetings is cost when compared to the alternatives.
  • The professional image that using Webex Meetings presents is enough to keep us using it.
  • We do save some costs on travel, but that isn't the primary driver.
  • Has allowed us to host board meetings remotely during COVID-19 which has been a great plus.
We tried a wide variety of solutions after an initial run with Webex Meetings. They all had issues with stability, ease of use, the ability for install on the client end, etc. We kept trying to avoid Webex Meetings due to cost, but after trying multiple products, we determined that it was the best fit and would provide the best service for our employees and external parties.

They have always been very prompt, courteous and thorough in their support of our users. They dive deep into any issues that are reported and work with the employee to resolution. There are many instances where the employee contacts them directly and they resolve the problem without involving any internal IT resources.

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We have had zero issues with downtime or availability to the many years that we have used this product. When we need to host a meeting or events, we have no doubts that the service will be up and operational. The client app is being deployed to all licensed users instead of using the browser to access the WebEx services. The app is stable and updated frequently to add features.
Due to the COVID-19 protocols in place in our state, remote work and collaboration have become vital to our operations. We've tripled our licensed user count in the last 6 months (24-75) with no issues. Granted, we are a small install, but the scalability has worked for us. We are using WebEx Meetings in all departments across our Agency for internal and external meetings and events.
Overall, I would give WebEx very high marks in every aspect. The only things that we have specifically run into that is a hinderance is the lack of breakout session support in Events Center. Our hope is that this is on the road map and will be implemented soon. This would take this rating from a 9 to a 10 for our organization.
Overall, WebEx gets the job done with a simple and intuitive interface. Some of the areas in Events Center look dated, especially when compared with Meetings Centers, but I feel this area will be updated to maintain a consistent look, feel and user experience across the entire WebEx collaboration platform. The platform does what you need it to do without a ton of extra useless features.
Our biggest reason to stick with Webex Meetings is that it works when we want it to and outside users are able to install the client portion to view our webinars without having elevated permissions like they do with some other competing products. This provides a professional and polished image to our partners and clients.

Webex Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Not Rated
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Audience polling
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions

Cisco Webex Experience

We haven't used the real-time transcription feature yet. To be honest, I didn't' even know that was included. The note-taking features are a nice add-on and are used by some of our employees. I would expect additional personalization options to be added as Zoom and other competitions seem to be adding filters and other such features all the time.
We are using WebEx Teams along with WebEx meetings, but we haven't integrated with any other products at this time.
I feel strongly that WebEx is the most secure of the platforms in this space. In reading much of the history of the product and of Zoom, these stores seem to back up that idea that WebEx is built around security. We have the option to use encrypted traffic quickly and easily, if needed.

Using Cisco Webex Meetings

75 - The represent all areas of our business. Executive has used WebEx for all-agency calls, board meetings and divisional meetings. IT is using it to work with remote employees and vendors. Counseling is using it to host trainings. Internal teams in all divisons are using it as a way to host staff meetings. This has been one of the most used tools we have deployed.
8 - We have 8 people that have help desk or admin access. Of those, three really support WebEx on any regular basis. The product is extremely easy to use and doesn't require a lot of handholding. The times we have had to contact support to get assistance are few, but support has helpde resolve the issues quickly.
  • Staff Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • All Hands Meetings
  • We use it to assist employees at home which was not in the original scope of the project.
  • We are hoping to continue holding more meetings virtually to reduce safety and cost issues.
We have structured our licensing and partner relationship in such a way that renewals will be easy and cost effective. We have been planning to renew since before our last renewal was fully in place due to the stability and feature set that WebEx Provides. We've been through the wringer with competitors and WebEx is the easiest to use and the most stable.

Evaluating Webex Meetings and Competitors

Yes - We replaced AnyMeeting with WebEx about 3 years ago. Though AnyMeeting was working for us, it wasn't as polished and as stable as WebEx. In reality, the only thing that ever kept us from going with WebEx at any point was the cost. Once we were able to work with a partner that had ways of reducing the pricing to an acceptable level, we haven't looked at anything else.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Product Usability was the single most important factor. We wanted a solution that was easy for our employees to use so that they could focus on doing their job and not worrying about the technology layer. In addition, WebEx was the most widely accepted program by our outside partners. Their security policies allowed it to be installed on their systems which wasn't always the case with competitors.
I would have started it a little earlier due to some contractual issues. It wasn't the partner's fault, but there was some miscommunication on requirements for some of the forms that we found to have language incompatible with our policies. Once these issues were cleared up, the process was smooth and we feel we are paying a fair price for a great product.

Webex Meetings Support

Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Need to explain problems multiple times
Slow Initial Response
No - We have the standard level of support from both our partner and Cisco TAC. We have received excellent support from both organizations and have no complaints about either. Even if they offer a higher support level, we wouldn't take it due to the current level we get from the standard support.

Using Webex Meetings

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Joining a meeting is about as simple as it gets.
  • The interface for managing Meetings is much nicer than the old still still found in Events Center and Support Center.
  • Events Center Management is a little cumbersome to use. I'm hoping they get it updated with the same interface as Meeting Center soon.
Yes - It is limited when compared to hosting meetings and events on a laptop or desktop, but works perfectly fine as an attendee in either Center. As time progresses, I imagine feature parity will be realized between the mobile and desktop apps and this difference will either be negligible or go away entirely.