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Overall Satisfaction with Winshuttle

Winshuttle is used in our organization mainly by the AR and AP department. However, the RPA team started to use this as one of our automation tools. It can be used together with other RPA software to build advanced and complicated automations. It's mainly used to enter/import a big batch of data from Excel or text files into SAP or for extracting data from SAP to Excel for analysis and reporting.
  • We are using this tool as part of our automation RPA project. Winshuttle can be automated too as an application.
  • Good tool to standardize the processes within the company and how you think about the process.
  • Can be used for department master data. We can easily execute data validation and, best of all, avoid manual data entry into SAP.
  • Good tool to somehow design new scenarios for existing processes.
  • While this is not part of automation and you are using it at your desktop, you can not use Excel once it runs.
  • Error handling to definitely be more advanced.
  • Single transaction license is relatively expensive. We have only like 3 licenses across the organization.
  • Positive impact is that the application is used for the audit purposes, and there's less human interaction.
  • One of the tools to automate SAP.
That was the application implemented before we started our journey with RPA. We still have some licenses but definitely we are not going to expand those licenses. We believe RPA through UiPath can deal even better.
For our company it is just another application that can be used for process improvements or ideally used as part of automation. It is very useful when you have massive data to be loaded to SAP. This really makes jobs faster and more accurate.