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Sales Intelligence Software

Best Sales Intelligence Software

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Sales Intelligence Software Overview

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence (SI) is the collection, analysis, and presentation of information that helps salespeople keep up to date with clients and identify new leads to reach out to. SI tools work strategically to build the pipeline and are designed primarily for sales development representatives (SDRs) and business development representatives (BDRs). The use cases for sales intelligence tools include:

  • Prospecting for new contacts

  • Augmenting contact records with missing information

  • Adding company and industry details

  • Qualifying and prioritizing leads

  • Tracking email and website interactions

  • Compiling lead activity in lead records

  • Gathering contextual data from social media or news updates

There is some overlap between sales intelligence software and customer relationship management (CRM) software, sales email tracking tools, and predictive sales analytics tools. Many SI tools are designed to feed new lead records into CRM systems and keep them up to date. Some CRM platforms deliver sales intelligence themselves, such as company context and social information.

Both SI software and predictive analytics focus on generating lead lists and prioritizing which leads to connect with. However, SI tools focus on aggregating data to be used in personal calls and emails. On the other hand, predictive analytics takes a more automated data science approach.

Sales Lead Software

Many SI tools help with sales lead management by generating new lead lists, tracking and qualifying leads, and maintaining customer data within the salesperson’s CRM.

Lead Lists

Some sales intelligence tools can generate lists of new leads with contact information. They do this by searching the Internet, proprietary databases, and/or social networks. Searches are based on criteria such as:

  • Geographic criteria

  • Firmographic criteria

  • Role criteria

This practice is called ‘prospecting.’ Apps and databases that help with this task are often called ‘prospecting tools’ or ‘lead generation software’. The goal is for salespeople to identify outbound leads to contact that fit their target customer profile.

Advanced tools allow conditional logic and negative search terms to target an even more specific customer profile, and can create ‘smart lists’ of prioritized leads. The prioritization is based on ideal customer characteristics and behavioral signals, which are used to predict their likelihood to become customers

Lead Tracking & Qualification Process

Sales intelligence software helps salespeople figure out where to focus their energy. The tools either prioritize lead lists automatically based on pre-set rules, or provide intelligence needed for the sales reps to build lists manually.

For example, leads can be tracked based on:

  • Website traffic analytics (lead activity on a company’s website)

  • Reverse IP lookup for new leads who visit the company website, to get contact info

  • Engagement with sales emails (opens, clicks, etc.)

This data helps with lead scoring, prioritization, and qualification. Qualification reflects whether leads are ready for a true sales conversation (sales qualified lead / SQL), or if they should simply receive marketing nurture campaigns (marketing qualified lead / MQL).

The tracked activity also appears on lead records, so that salespeople can have more informed interactions with leads based on how they’ve engaged with company resources so far.

Data Augmentation & Data Hygiene

Sales intelligence software also works to round out incomplete customer records within the sales rep’s CRM system. Most SI tools help pull in missing email addresses or phone numbers. Some also append company or industry details, org charts, technographic information, etc.

Data augmentation helps sales productivity in two ways:

  1. It provides a specific, reliable basis for qualifying and prioritizing leads.

  2. It provides context for sales pitches, helping reps tailor their messaging.

In addition to adding new information to the database, many sales intelligence tools also make existing information more accessible. For example, they may integrate CRM records with the salesperson’s email inbox, so that lead details can be found and edited more conveniently.

Sales Intelligence Software Features & Capabilities

  • Identification of new leads

  • Sales lead management

  • List quality

  • Email and direct dial contacts

  • Ideal customer targeting

  • Company and industry information

  • Integrations and extensions

  • Company/business profiles

  • Automatic data refresh

  • Filters and segmentation

  • Sales email templates

  • Triggers and red alerts

  • Prospect tracking

  • Alerts and reminders

Pricing Information

Sales intelligence tools are typically priced on a monthly subscription model, per user. Some web prospecting tools offer a freemium version with limited volume and features for free. Paid plans start at $39/mo. per user and increase up to $319/mo. per user depending on the number of leads being considered.

For products that include a proprietary database and more advanced search criteria, pricing starts around $80/mo. per user and can increase up to a couple thousand dollars per year. Enterprise level pricing is typically available by custom quote only, and likely to run higher.

Sales Intelligence Products

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Node, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their market intelligence platform, providing access to correlative insights and "cloned" ideal customers built upon Node's database of companies and individuals, acted upon by AI.

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Contalog is a sales order management app designed to help professionals in sales management. Some key features include: Catalog Management, Sales Order Management and Sales Performance Analysis.

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ListGrabber is software that enables users to capture the name, company mailing address, email, phone and fax number, etc. of likely prospects or business contacts. ListGrabber is also a sales lead capture tool that allows users to build their own lead list / prospect list from various publicly ...

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LeadBoxer is a lead generation platform that gives business users real-time information about companies and people that visit their website. LeadBoxer aims to turn anonymous web traffic into actionable data. The vendor’s value proposition is that LeadBoxer helps businesses find new B2B sales and ...

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LeadGnome offers their sales intelligence application which mines response emails to marketing campaigns and locates other potential contacts to help find decision makers, and furthermore automates the process of cleaning CRM customer and sales related data via email data mining.

SmartCloud Connect is an enterprise-class solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar; it is highly customizable and allows you to synchronize emails, meetings and tasks between your CRM and Office 365, Outlook, Gmail. Using its contextual sidebar you can see and edit everyth...

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LeadCandy is a lead generation and sales intelligence software - The vendor says it is powered by reliable business data, with 95% email accuracy guarantee. Key capabilities and benefits include:Find your target customers - 25 Million decision makers from 12 Million companiesDeep search filters ...

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Traditional sales prospecting is inefficient and tiring. Vainu aims to fix it by transforming disorganized open and big data into insightful leads. Vainu is a sales intelligence, prospecting and account insights platform which aims to help users discover actionable account insights, identify tim...

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Klue is a competitive intelligence software designed to help marketing and enablement teams collect, curate, and deliver intel to enterprise sales teams to close more deals. Track Competitors Klue tracks relevant news and data and combines it with internal sources. Deeper competitive intelligenc...

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AdDataExpress is an intuitive online sales intelligence tool that helps marketers and sales people identify prospects at advertising companies. The value proposition is that AdDataExpress empowers users to prospect more productively and accelerate new business relationships. Acccording to the ven...

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LeadGenius is a combination of sales intelligence software and services designed to prospect new B2B leads and augment B2B lead data. LeadGenius includes solutions for three areas of sales intelligence: Lead Generation, Lead Enrichment, and Email Outreach. The vendor says LeadGenius can Identify ...

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Nudge is a sales intelligence tool for Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, SalesLoft, and Salesforce that surfaces buying signals and relationship intelligence (such as mutual LinkedIn connections). It integrates with the user's email, contacts, and calendar, and can also integrate with marketing systems t...

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Synthio is Data as a Service software that automates the cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of data to make it actionable for immediate use. From merging non-standard or free-form data into a single usable dataset, to deduplication, standardization, strategic augmentation, or simply unders...

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Salesify is a marketing and sales intelligence solution that surfaces company-level insights, an install base of competitor products, and targeted role-based contacts. The Salesify platform also includes Integrated Services Apps--Content Syndication, Live Verification, Data Refresh, and Pipeline ...

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LeadBase provides users with a way to generate more leads by discovering, tracking and converting anonymous website visitors. The vendor’s value proposition says that by using LeadBase Demand Cloud solution, businesses can realize the latent demand a brand has. The solution monitors the over-the-...

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xiQ (formerly SweetSpot) is a sales intelligence software solution offered by the company of the same name (formerly Xtra IQ).

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GetProfiles automates your list building process and delivers an in-depth blueprint of each of your prospects’ organizational structures, technology and people. It delivers the highest quality data to help your sales team to focus on nurturing leads and closing more deals. The vendor says their ...