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SEO Software Overview

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of growing traffic from organic search results. Free results on search engines like Google or Bing make up the core of SEO. The approach improves a website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO activities to improve ranking include:

  • Optimizing website structure to make it accessible and clearly understandable to search engine crawlers like Googlebot

  • Providing original and relevant content for end-users

  • Showing value with inbound links from other authoritative websites

Google’s ever-changing search algorithms are designed to improve the relevance of search results for end-users. This can make the SEO process complex. SEO is an area of marketing often outsourced to marketing agencies, consulting groups, and freelancers.

What are SEO Tools?

SEO software helps companies improve and track their SEO progress. A common feature is keyword and content analysis. This ensures that a site uses relevant language and content. The more relevant the content is to a target audience, the better the SEO ranking.

In other words, SEO helps a website speak the ‘language of the web’. This helps sites remain discoverable by search engine crawlers and accessible to visitors. Most SEO solutions will provide an overview of keywords the website is currently ranking for, competitive keyword analysis, and keyword tracking for target keywords. Some tools may also offer a historical view of keyword rankings and related search volume.

SEO Software Features

There are a wide range of SEO platforms available in the market. Below are features that are typically common across different tools:

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the phrases that represent the content of your website. They are the search terms a user might use to find your website. SEO tools track, recommend, and optimize keywords for your website. The tools find the most relevant keywords given your niche and target audience.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are URL listings on other websites linking to your site. These show search engines that your website is valuable and a trusted source of information. Backlinks are crucial in site rankings and reputation. Backlink acquisition, tracking, and analysis is an essential element of SEO software. Many tools will help users identify new backlink opportunities and keep track of existing backlinks.

Crawl Diagnostics/Site Audits

Some SEO software tools can also perform site auditing. Audits assess website structure to suggest improvements. Some solutions will automate the improvement process for you. SEO tools vary in the quantity and quality of SEO audits. Certain tools provide generic best practices, while others have more innovative suggestions.

Reporting & Analytics

Most SEO tools create reports and offer analytics for overall website and keyword rankings. These can include:

  1. Competitive analysis

  2. SERPs ranking tracking

  3. Trend charts

  4. Traffic analytics

  5. Role-specific dashboards (CMO, CEO, etc.)

  6. Share of voice analysis


Many SEO platforms are intended for use by agencies. Larger SEO platforms offer rich and detailed white-label reports for these agencies. They’ll also offer multi-domain management features.

SEO Trends


Mobile optimization has become a key part of SEO. Websites that don’t function on mobile devices will not rank as well on SERPs. They are also less likely to engage mobile visitors. This has become more important as mobile traffic continues to increase. Many companies have now adopted a ‘mobile-first’ approach to web design, ensuring content renders correctly on mobile before making any changes to the website.


Social signals act as an indication of content quality. They have become a key element in search engine algorithms. Likes and shares are social endorsements of your content’s relevance and overall brand. Many SEO products offer social signal tracking and measurement. Some products will also offer integrations with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for better social engagement and impressions tracking.


Local SEO optimizes a business website for a specific geographic location. Search engines are collecting more information about their users’ locations. The goal is to provide more specific and relevant results. Focusing on local SEO can mean less competition.

SEO vs. SEM Approaches

SEO is closely related to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is sometimes called PPC (pay-per-click) or paid search marketing. An SEM strategy is focused on gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines, while an SEO strategy focuses on maximizing organic (i.e. non-paid) search results by optimizing website structure and content.

Many companies use both SEO and SEM in their overall marketing strategy - using the same tools in the process. Combining SEO and SEM approaches together is called search marketing. The end goal is to grow website traffic, both organic and paid, from search engines.

SEO Software Comparison

There are many SEO software products available today. Consider these two key factors as you evaluate different SEO tools to help find the best product for your business:

  1. Do you need a comprehensive SEO platform that includes a range of keyword, backlink, and website auditing analysis capabilities? Or would your business be better served trying out a free tool (or two) first? SEO products like Google Trends, Google Search Console, Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator, and Hunter are all free to use. Though they may only focus on one of the feature areas defined above, or have limited functionality. Paid SEO tools are a better choice if your business is looking to adopt an SEO or search marketing strategy.

  2. Would it be more efficient for your business to handle SEO and search marketing in-house, or outsource this work to a marketing agency? If you plan on keeping SEO activities in-house, along with a team of SEO experts, your business will also likely need to invest in at least one paid SEO tool (if not more). However, this makes it easier and faster to communicate with your SEO team and ensure that they are 100% focused on your business’s SEO growth potential. Conversely, working with a marketing agency can help free up time and resources so that your marketing team can focus on other initiatives.

Pricing Information

Some Search Engine Optimization tools are completely free, while others may offer a free version or free trial. Top free examples include Google Trends and Moz Link Explorer. Both offer specific functions, like keyword and backlink research.

Paid SEO platforms usually start at $99/mo. for the ‘pro’ level. Enterprise-level tools can run up to hundreds of dollars per month.

SEO Products

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Linkbird is a search engine optimization software solution offered by linkbird GmbH.


Remove'em is a search engine optimization software solution offered by Remove-em.

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is a search engine optimization software solution offered by Pemberton Rank Ltd

Ontolo Link Building Tool

Ontolo Link Building Tool

Starting Price $47

Ontolo Link Building Tool is unsurprisingly a search engine optimization tool focused on building links via prospecting similar content (and its creators) and user-specified phrases to increase the probability that one's own content is located. This hyperfocused tool can be obtained…

SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup is a search engine optimization software solution offered by SEO SiteCheckup.

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator is a search engine optimization software solution offered by iPullRank.

Site Condor

Site Condor is a search engine optimization software solution offered by gShift.


SERP Scan is a search engine optimization tool with functionalities such as query tracking, ranking updates, and competitor tracking.

Web SEO Analytics

Web SEO Analytics is the eponymous search engine optimization platform from the company headquartered in the island nation of Cyprus. Founded in 2008, the company touts a complete SEO and domain analysis tool offering keyword and SERP analysis, URL and competitor evaluating, blog…


Sistrix is a search engine optimization software solution offered by Sistrix.

DemandJump | Consumer Insights

DemandJump in Indianapolis offers their eponymous marketing intelligence platform.

VisibleThread Web

VisibleThread Web is a web content analysis tool for Marketing and Government Communications Teams. It instantly identifies plain language issues and is designed to help improve the clarity and message consistency of online content. VisibleThread Web analyzes the user's content…

Pi Datametrics

Pi Datametrics is an enterprise-level SEO and content marketing platform delivering daily, global and actionable search insight to support high-value strategies.The Pi Platform has been built on the belief that search data should run through the decision making processes of any company…

Netpeak Checker

Netpeak Checker is a multifunctional research tool for bulk SEO analysis that helps you audit URLs by a wide range of parameters.According to the vendor, this tool allows you to:Check 1,200+ parameters of URLsResearch backlink profile of the websitesEvaluate your competitorsCompare…


CocoScan is an SEO Scan tool that scans all your website pages and finds any issues that could block the indexation of your pages. The vendor says the tool looks into four different types of analysis: Indexation: The tool analyzes your pages to check if they’re indexable for Google.…


Cocolyze is SEO software that aims to make SEO accessible and understandable for everyone. The product helps you focus on your most important keywords first. The vendor promises to help find your main SEO issues in less than 15 minutes. The vendor says key capabilities include:Analyze,…

DCI Free SEO Tools

DCI Free SEO Tools are designed to help users optimize their content using proprietary SEO Tools, which the vendor has developed by leveraging advanced technology and insights gathered over nearly two decades. Some of the capabilities DCI SEO Tools include are a rank checker, keyword…

SEO Tester Online

SEO Tester Online is a web marketing suite that helps e-commerce and web agencies around the world improve the organic visibility of their websites or that of their customers with innovative and intuitive tools.

SO Connect Listings

SO Connect's Listing software helps businesses to improve local search visibility on a wide range of platforms. Update listings automatically, from maps to search engines to social media. SO Connect's presently claims consistent listings means Google will likely rank a business higher…

Neustar Localeze

Neustar Localeze is a business listings management service available to SMBs, Enterprises, agencies and other identities wanting to control and correct brand and business information.

Elite Site Optimizer

Elite Site Optimizer is a website optimization tool designed to help digital marketers identify the performance of their website, mobile site and apps on the whole to derive actionable insights. Elite Site Optimizer offers reports on SEO issues, site accessibility, W3C coding standards,…


PinMeTo is a SaaS hub that connects multi-location brands with the biggest search, map, and social media platforms, letting users keep business information up-to-date everywhere, manage reviews, and maximize social reach – all from one place. The vendor states they are trusted by…


Tracking digital marketing efforts can be a dissipative process, to export CSVs from Google Analytics and a Business Manager, screenshot ranking results and then combine all that in a PPT presentation. Errors can occur constantly, and the entire process is very time-consuming. The…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one component of ‘search marketing’. The goal of SEO is to increase website traffic from organic search results by optimizing the relevance of your website structure and content. There are multiple SEO software products available that help businesses track their website and keyword rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

How to grow website traffic using SEO?

Using search engine optimization software and following SEO best practices, businesses can make a few important changes to help grow their organic traffic:

  1. optimizing your website structure and content to make it more ‘readable’ for search engine crawlers like Googlebot
  2. enhancing the content on your website to make sure it’s authoritative, informative, and relevant content for end-users
  3. signaling that your website is a trusted source of information by earning inbound links (backlinks) from other highly-authoritative websites

What is the best free SEO software?

There are a number of free SEO tools available in the market, including some tools that have both free and paid versions. Popular free SEO tools include:

Most free tools focus on a narrow set of SEO capabilities, such as keyword research, rank tracking, backlinks, analytics, or webpage optimization recommendations. Paid tools will cover all of these areas and provide additional capabilities like competitive keyword analysis.

How much does SEO software cost?

There are a number of free SEO tools available (see list above). Paid SEO platforms can range from $20/mo. to $100/mo. for standard SEO tools. Enterprise-level plans may cost multiple hundreds of dollars per month, depending on how extensive the feature set is and how many licenses are needed.