Social Media Analytics Tools

Best Social Media Analytics Tools include:, Zoho Social, Sprout Social, and Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium).

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Social Media Analytics Tools Overview

What are Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media analytics tools help marketers track, analyze and improve the performance of their social media activities. The goal is often to determine the ROI of social activities, justify spend, or optimize performance.

Common uses of social media analytics tools include:

  • Audience profile

  • Audience size

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Reach & engagement

  • Content optimization

  • Marketing attribution

There are a variety of point solutions focused on social media analytics. Analytics is also a key capability of social media management suites. Social media monitoring tools focus on listening for your brand or other relevant terms on social media and analyzing the sentiment.

Many companies use more than one tool for social media analytics.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Social Media Analytics Tool

Consider your social network

Social networks are notoriously protective of their APIs. Make sure the tool you select has integrations to the social media sites that matter to you. If you are focused on a single social network, consider the 1st-party analytics tools offered by the network itself before you buy something.

Check historical data

Historical data about you and your competitors is vital for trend analysis. If you’re a first-time buyer, ask what data the vendor has been tracking. It’s possible they already have some historical data you can use.

SMMS suites vs. point solutions

Social media management platforms combine publishing, monitoring and analytics capabilities. There are benefits to an integrated suite. On the other hand, dedicated analytics tools may have more innovative ways to visualize data.

Ask about paid campaign tracking

Some social media analytics tools focus on tracking earned or organic social activities. Not all paid campaign tracking. If you want to report on paid and organic social media, try to select a tool that can do this in the same dashboard.

Pricing Information

There are a variety of popular free social media analytics tools. Some focus on a single social network. Others are cross-platform.

Many social media analytics vendors offer basic free versions of the tool, as well as paid options with more features. Pricing for point solutions seems to range from $19/month up to hundreds per month for more sophisticated capabilities.

Social Media Analytics Products

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Allin1Social is a social media management and reporting platform that allows users to manage and analyze their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts in one simple dashboard. The Publishing features allow users to post across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Users can automate their publi…
CyBranding Hashtag Intelligence
CyBranding Hashtag Intelligence provides analytics and tweet collection for any given hashtag in a user-intuitive interface.
Small UK company Zoral Labs offers SENTRA, a natural language processing sentiment analysis tool.
Plus One Social
Plus One Social is a social media analytics tool built with features such as a robust search tool, automated data pulling, and insight reporting.
Tweriod is a social media monitoring and listening tool that provides users with insights to gain maximum exposure for tweet timing.
M-Adaptive is a social media analytics platform built to provide users with real-time insights and audience engagements from any device. It includes features such as reputation and brand management, marketing optimization, product development, and customer experience management.
Tweet Binder is a social media analytics tool built specifically to capture social insights through Twitter.
muFusion is a social media analytics tool with natural language processing supported by Mu Sigma since that company's acquisition of Webfluenz, the platform's original developer, in July 2014.
Fanpage Karma
Fanpage Karma is a social media anlytics tool with features such as unlimited analytics, both for self-analysis and competitor analysis, robust data reporting, and instant social media alerts.
Alto Data Analytics
The Alto Data Analytics Products Suite includes tools such as a propreitary analytics platform, real-time analytics and quality insights, and personalized consulting.
Sotrender uses big data to help marketing and sales professionals make better decisions in social media. The vendor says they provide users with multiple solutions to analyze and optimize performance in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as to check result…
Scoreboard Social
Scoreboard Social is a social media analytics built specifically for competitive analysis for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Scoreboard Social is built to compare performance with competitors and actionable reporting.
Linkfluence’s Radarly software package tracks and analyzes more than 100 million publications on a daily basis and monitors more than 300 million sources in 60 languages. Radarly provides crucial insights to marketing, communication and digital directors as well as community managers to make sense …
Insightpool Enterprise Custom Solutions
Insightpool's Enterprise Custom Solutions is designed to provide Data Insights and Analysis and Custom Social Campaigns that supply in-depth analysis, reporting, market research and actionable custom strategies. The solutions are customized to a company’s brand and marry Insightpool’s knowledge of m…
ZuumSocial is a social media analytics platform built to turn social media data into actionable intelligence.
Interactions Digital Roots (formerly ENGAGE)
Interactions Digital Roots collects conversations from across the web and not only captures keyword and sentiment analysis but also includes customer intent. The vendor says that this allows the platform to identify and route conversations in a precise and highly customizable way. Using Machine Lear…
GoCinchy Social
GoCinchy is a SaaS based social media marketing solution.
SumAll is a social media analytics tool built around features such as social media tracking, reporting, insights, and audience engagement.
Viralwoot allows users to automate Pinterest marketing and schedule pins. Users can schedule, promote and analyze their complete Pinterest performance from the Viralwoot dashboard. Additionally, users can monitor the performance of their competitors on Pinterest and take their Pinterest marketing to…
Followthehashtag is a free analytics tool built specifically for Twitter. With features such as geodata heat maps, historical data recovery, and gender analysis, Followthehashtag provides users with a complete solution to analyze its over 500 million indexed tweets.
GetSocial helps eCommerce websites increase their sales by generating highly qualified traffic, boosting visibility and purchase intent, and providing data on their visitors. We do so by providing a simple tool to create social action buttons. Companies now use regular social action buttons (Faceboo…
Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that is designed to enable brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media influencers. Scrunch has one of the world's largest influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of datapoints. According to the…
CrowdControlHQ is the social media platform to engage your audience, manage your activity, and analyse your performance. CrowdControlHQ software tools help you deliver engaging social media marketing content, delight customers with exceptional social customer service, and effectively manage and meas…
Cost-effective and Intelligent Social Media Measurement ToolGet a 360° review of your Facebook content and learn how to improve your performance on social media.Zenbu offers a set of tools that make it easy to track and analyze the performance and value of your Facebook content. Spend less time on r…