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Social Media Marketing Tools Overview

What are Social Media Marketing Tools?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) tools provide under-appreciated features not common to all social media management suites. They can be hyper-specific and dedicated to one thing like brand activation or contesting. They might be focused on gaining followers on a single platform (e.g. Instagram).

Applications in this category fall under several names. Social media advocacy tools encourage employees and brand customers to promote companies across their own social media profiles and feeds. Beyond that, social media promotion might include contesting, sweepstakes, or polls. Social media curation tools help marketers find and reuse user-generated content. UGC can then be cast into a feed, social media wall, television, or even a Jumbotron.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Tools

SMM software has become an essential part of many Martech stacks. These type of tools can benefit businesses in a number of key ways, including:

  • time savings

  • Improved organization and centralization

  • increased brand awareness

  • a greater understanding of engagement levels

They are also often easy to learn how to use, making it easier for whole teams to adopt the new tool. Social media marketing tools that focus more narrowly on one capability area can also be quite affordable, even for small businesses.

Different Types of Social Media Marketing (SMM) Software

Some vendors offer all-in-one, or suite-style, SMM platforms. These platforms typically include a social media monitoring, engagement, and analytics piece. Examples of vendors that provide social media marketing suites include Hootsuite and Buffer.

On the other hand, some vendors offer point solutions that focus specifically on one of the following social media marketing areas below:

There are also platform-specific tools that integrate and work with one or more social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Social Media Marketing Tools Features

Many social media marketing tools are specialists. Thus they may provide just one or several of these things:

  • Social media aggregation, RSS Feed, or social dashboard

  • Social media widget, browser extensions

  • Location-based services and analytics

  • Chat and social media messaging

  • Unified social inbox

  • Social media brand search tool

  • Media (e.g. gif) uploading, distribution

  • Social contesting and sweepstakes

  • Social media games

  • Social media incentives and prize fulfillment

  • Social media brand activation

  • Hashtag campaign

  • Contesting and campaign analytics

  • Social wall for events or website

  • Link shortening for campaigns

Social Media Marketing Tools Evaluation

Before deciding to purchase one SMM product over another, consider the following key factors:

  • Pricing model: Not all social media marketing tools have the same type of pricing structure. For example, some tools like Agorapulse and Buffer charge a monthly or yearly fee and have a fixed number of users. Other tools like SproutSocial charge per user per month. Generally speaking, social media marketing suite tools tend to be more expensive than products that focus on a specific area, like content creation.

  • User-friendliness: While many SMM tools are quite user-friendly, some can take longer to learn how to use than others. If your team members are going to be the main end-users of the product, make sure they have the opportunity to trial the solution first. Selecting a tool that’s easier for end-users at your company to use will help increase the adoption of the tool and lead to faster results.

  • Features: Some SMM tools offer a suite of capabilities while others focus on specific areas like content creation, social listening and monitoring, or publishing and scheduling. First, identify what your must-have features for a new social media marketing tool are, this will help you decide whether to invest in a suite-level product or a more narrowly focused tool.

Pricing Information

Social media marketing management vendors often provide free tools and free limited versions of their flagship management suites. Beyond these, the pricing of social activation tools is typically tiered. Tiers may support variable amounts of user accounts, the volume of outreach, or include additional advanced features.

Some tools will charge a given fee per month or year, while others charge per user per month or year. Enterprise-level plans usually provide dedicated account management and 24/7 customer support.

Social Media Marketing Products

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Send Social Media

Send Social Media is a solution for managing, monitoring, tracking and measuring marketing efforts. Users can post to over 30+ social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare and more! Users can also manage their entire email marketing…

Insightpool Social Selling Platform

The Insightpool Social Selling Platform is designed to help sales reps identify, score and nurture leads and get detailed insights into social selling campaigns in order to measure the success. This solution enables sales teams to engage with prospects and connect all the data acquired…


Contentivo is an employee advocacy and content marketing platform that uses a company's current employees to help drive traffic via social media.

Good Audience

Good Audience is a social media marketing solution built around features such as personalized content marketing strategies, customer engagement, and targeting and segmenting audiences.

Insightpool Enterprise Custom Solutions

Insightpool's Enterprise Custom Solutions is designed to provide Data Insights and Analysis and Custom Social Campaigns that supply in-depth analysis, reporting, market research and actionable custom strategies. The solutions are customized to a company’s brand and marry Insightpool’…


Sotrender uses big data to help marketing and sales professionals make better decisions in social media. The vendor says they provide users with multiple solutions to analyze and optimize performance in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well…


Software for organizing and sharing tweets to blogs and websites.


Publicfast is an influencer marketing platform from the Ukrainian company of the same name.

GoCinchy Social

GoCinchy is a SaaS based social media marketing solution.


Viralwoot allows users to automate Pinterest marketing and schedule pins. Users can schedule, promote and analyze their complete Pinterest performance from the Viralwoot dashboard. Additionally, users can monitor the performance of their competitors on Pinterest and take their Pinterest…


Komfo is a social media marketing platform from the Danish company of the same name.

CloudSquads Social Marketing

CloudSquads Social Marketing is designed to turn social conversations into actionable insights. It can be used with an organization's existing CRM systems, marketing automation systems and email management systems. The vendor's value proposition is that the solution can help users…


GetSocial helps eCommerce websites increase their sales by generating highly qualified traffic, boosting visibility and purchase intent, and providing data on their visitors. We do so by providing a simple tool to create social action buttons. Companies now use regular social action…

OpenText Tempo Social

OpenText Tempo Social is a social media marketing solution.

Tout (discontinued)

Tout was an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send or share short promotional videos. The service is not available (discontinued early 2019).

Engageform by 4screens

Engageform is an interactive content creation platform. Users can quickly create viral quizzes, surveys and polls. Users can also generate leads, drive social traffic to their website and get feedback from their customers. According to the vendor, users can also create Buzzfeed like…

Facelift Cloud

The Facelift Cloud is a multi-certified software solution that includes all the necessary components for professional social media marketing at the enterprise level. The Facelift Cloud solutions consolidates eight modules in one integrated solution. The modules include: Dashboard,…


BrandpointHUB aims to empower the modern marketer to produce better content faster. According to the vendor, BrandpointHUB is built by content marketers for content marketers, and leverages Brandpoint's 20+ years in the content business and experience with producing millions of pieces…


inboundli is a content curation platform designed for social marketing and sales enablement. inboundli merges social signals and machine learning to help companies use third-party content for building effective distribution channels on social media, email, and company blogs. According…


Publing is a social media aggregator that collects posts from the most popular platforms and displays the curated content on various screens. The vendor says Publing is used by businesses to reach more customers with the power of user-generated content. The vendor’s value proposition…


CrowdControlHQ is the social media platform to engage your audience, manage your activity, and analyse your performance. CrowdControlHQ software tools help you deliver engaging social media marketing content, delight customers with exceptional social customer service, and effectively…


Qualifio enables publishers, brands and agencies to easily create and publish viral interactions on websites, mobile apps and social media. Quizzes, polls, tests, animated games, multimedia galleries and other innovative formats allow them to collect data and to engage, grow, monetise…

Intellasphere Brand Affinity Marketing System

IntellaSphere's Brand Affinity Marketing System builds awareness and recognition with prospects and strengthens brand loyalty with customers. According to the vendor, the product serves as the missing link between consumers who express their affinity and businesses, so both can benefit…


SendPilot is an automated content creation platform for social media marketing from the small company of the same name in London. It takes blog posts and creates an SEO friendly social media campaign scheduled over 3 months automatically, with hashtags, backlinks, images and unique…


PosterMyWall in San Mateo offers their digital marketing technology, providing graphics and templates for users to deploy across social media in posts or via digital signage (e.g. menus).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do social media marketing tools do?

Social media marketing (SMM) tools help businesses connect with their customers and broader audience across social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. However, not all SMM tools offer the same exact features. For example, some may focus specifically on content creation, content publishing and scheduling, social monitoring and listening, or social media analytics.

But all social media monitoring tools help companies achieve the same goal: to increase their brand presence and awareness on social media platforms and connect with their audience on those platforms.

Why are social media marketing tools important?

Having a social media promotion and response strategy is a key piece of a brand’s overall marketing strategy. Social media has become an important part of consumers’ lives, with many preferring to purchase directly from brands or provide feedback on various social media platforms.

Social media marketing tools can help companies execute their social marketing strategy while helping them streamline content production and scheduling, save time, monitor their brand presence online, and centralize customer feedback across social platforms.

How much do social media marketing tools cost?

Some tools like Buffer and Hootsuite offer a free version of their platform. However, these plans typically offer limited functionality and only one user license. Paid SMM tools can cost as little as $15/user/month and range up to multiple hundreds of dollars per month per user.

Certain tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Agorapulse provide a fixed set of users per plan, rather than charging per user. Other social media marketing products like Sprout Social charge per user.