Best Social Media Monitoring Tools79At the most basic level, social monitoring incorporates scanning the web for potential PR crises, identifying industry trends, gathering intelligence on competitors and identifying sales opportunities. But the quantity of data these tools return can be overwhelming. Many tools have filters to help remove noise, and some include sentiment analysis which helps to categorize comments into positive or negative categories, but this is still a somewhat inexact science. Tools are distinguished by the social channels covered and number of languages supported.Brand241 Atlas2 Sentiment7

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Social Media Monitoring Overview

Social media monitoring involves listening for brand mentions, competitor mentions, or other relevant conversations across social media and often the wider web. The goal of social media listening can range from reputation management, to market research, to understanding customers and trends to inform company decisions.

Social media monitoring - also called social media listening - is one part of the broader Social Media Management software category. Many social media management suites span listening, publishing, engagement and analytics functionalities. Some started out as listening-focused tools, and added publishing capabilities, or vice versa. Some tools specialize in one of the above capabilities.

Our research shows that most companies use more than one tool to manage their social media efforts.

Social Media Monitoring Features & Capabilities

Most SMMS tools offer basic social monitoring capabilities, such as monitoring key channels for brand mentions. However, many companies are looking to leverage the vast amounts of data available on social media in other ways. These companies might need a more advanced tool with a stronger social listening component. Key factors to consider include the following

Sentiment Analysis

Most users will want an automated way of diagnosing positive or negative sentiment around brand mentions, through some sort of natural language processing or textual analysis. No software can do this perfectly, but some can be more accurate than others. Users will also want the ability to manually intervene and edit the sentiment analysis (and quickly).

Social Media Searches

A key component of social media monitoring tools is the ability to surface the data and conversations needed. This includes the ability to:
  • Set up complex (and preferably unlimited) Boolean search queries (beyond simple 'and', 'or', and 'not' options)
  • Filter out noise or unwanted results
  • Save these searches
  • Automatically de-dupe search results
  • Segment data based on sentiment, channel, demographics, and geolocation
  • Archive searches
  • Access historical data

Social Media Channel Coverage

Another key factor to consider when selecting a social media listening tool is the breadth of coverage. Access to the Twitter API ("firehose") is particularly important, as well as the ability to manually add channels that are relevant to you. Beyond the obvious social channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), you might be interested in blogs, discussion boards, or channels based outside the U.S. Global coverage might also include the ability to process languages other than English.

Social Media Analytics

Finally, monitoring is useless unless trends and insights can be surfaced and acted upon. Key analytics features include:
  • Real-time analytics
  • Email alerts and the ability to set up triggers and thresholds
  • Ability to download or export data, and customize reports
  • A social command center
  • Ability to create dashboards and visualizations, such as word and phrase clouds
  • Integration with SMMS, CRM and Web Analytics tools, among others

Social Media Monitoring Products

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10 Ratings

Brand24 is an online monitoring application.  The application allows users to identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products and competitors. Users can track and engage in online conversations that are relevant to thier business. Brand24 gives users instant access to...

Infegy Atlas

6 Ratings

Infegy Atlas is a social monitoring tool that moves beyond simple number counting to providing answers that help researchers better understand consumers through advanced automated analysis of social media.


3 Ratings

eClincher aims to be the most powerful, complete and intuitive social media management software. According to the vendor, the product is designed to help users, businesses, and agencies manage social media presence with one platform, and offers the following capabilities: advanced...


2 Ratings

PageLever is an analytics platform for measuring brand presence on Facebook. The company was acquired by Unified Social in January 2013, and the product is no longer offered separately.


4 Ratings

MutualMind is an enterprise listening platform, but also has engagement / publishing features and analytics. They differ from their competitors in that they focus on an OEM / white label model, working with both technology companies and service providers / agencies.

General Sentiment

1 Ratings

General Sentiment is a social media monitoring and analytics company providing social data to help brands make product and marketing decisions. It analyzes content from over 45 million sources including blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, television and radio broadcasting. The system uses natural...


6 Ratings

Trackur is designed for reputation management. It searches for mentions across the social web, and indicates the influence of people making the comments.


3 Ratings

Kompyte is the SaaS platform that tracks and analyzes competitors' online activity in real time. Kompyte visits competitors’ websites, advertisements, social profiles, newsletters, etc., and sends alerts when competitors discover a new customer segment or change how they sell their products,...


1 Ratings

VinTank is a social media management solution for the wine and restaurant industry. Measuring over 350 million conversations about wine, profiling over 14 million social wine consumers and serving over 4500 wine brands, VinTank helps wineries and restaurants connect and understand their customers.


6 Ratings

Topsy is a full-scale index of the public social web. Apple acquired Topsy in 2015 and sunsetted the product.


3 Ratings

Coosto is a single solution for social media applications. Organizations can use this solution to monitor their brand and reputation, respond to questions from their customers, detect leads or plan and publish their social media content in 150 languages and 200 countries. The vendor says their...


1 Ratings

Revinate is a hotel reputation management tool, with email marketing tools, surveys for customer feedback (to drive reviews to Google and TripAdvisor), and a dashboard to monitor all online reviews and social media mentions.

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ListenLogic’s Risk & Reputation Monitoring delivers alerts of corporate threats that emerge across the open social universe, including protests, lawsuits, boycotts and reputation risks. ListenLogic is now offered and supported by Anexinet since the 2016 acquisition.


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